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Written in Jello : Travel Plans

Early-October 2017

A spontaneous adventure that definitely includes UFO Highway (near Area 51), the Yosemite/Mono Lake area (California), and at least one lakeside casino.


October 2017

Reno, Nevada. This is where my RV adventure began! My return to Reno will include a one-week job at the Peppermill casino. My camp is situated near the Truckee River and in walking distance of the downtown casinos.

Minden, Nevada (near Lake Tahoe). Minden is a quaint little town south of Carson City. I’m staying at a lodge-style casino RV park about 40 minutes down the hill from South Lake Tahoe — where I’ll be attempting to qualify for major poker tournament. If all goes well, I’ll stay the first week of November.


November 2017


Back to Las Vegas. Stops may include Tonopah and another lakeside casino.

Las Vegas.┬áDepending on when I’m done in Tahoe, this could be another poker adventure or only a brief pit stop.

Cherokee, North Carolina. I’ll most likely fly into Charlotte for a visit before heading into the Smokies to deal a 2-week event at Harrah’s Casino. This will be the first time I actually put my home in storage!


December 2017

Atlanta, Georgia. After I finish in Cherokee I’ll head to Atlanta for a Thursday Night Football game versus the Saints!

Las Vegas. I anticipate another short pit stop for errands. Perhaps I’ll take an extra week to play poker.

San Diego, California or Cottonwood, Arizona (Sedona). I’m looking for at least a shot at a white Christmas without the brutal temperatures. I’ll monitor the extended forecasts before I decide which direction I’m heading.


First Half of 2018

I’m sensing the first half of 2018 will keep me┬áprimarily in the South. I’d love to hit the Oregon coast all spring but I think I’m going to need the regular Vegas pit stops this time around.

Camps will most likely be in Vegas, Arizona, SoCal, and Southern Utah.

Fly-out jobs may include New Jersey, North Carolina, and Florida.

I’ll spend June and July in Las Vegas.