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The Uphill Battle : Taking What Comes…

Posted by on February 26, 2014

Financial Situation : Serious
Current Work : None
Job Ends : N/A
Next Job : None Scheduled

My client bid fell through.  I haven’t heard from Jesco.

I seem to have my foot in the door for some part-time restaurant work.  It sounds like I’ll get a call-back about scheduling this weekend.  Also, a manager at a private club is supposed to begin callbacks tomorrow about a bartender position.  It’s a low-volume laid-back atmosphere and quite possibly a perfect scenario for a break-in that’s just learning the trade.

None of this is very lucrative.  But being camp is 7 miles out of town I think it would pretty much cure me of certain temptations like dining out and spending money.  I could live pretty lean in this area quite easily — and I’d have to.

I’ve done just about all I can at this point.   The Fayetteville area is not exactly rich with opportunity.  I’ll need to make a decision by Monday, which is probably the very latest I should leave if I’m going to head to Texas in the hopes of working with the pipeline.  I browsed the Craigslist in the San Antonio area and there seem to be a lot of server positions down there if that’s what I need to fall back on.  I dread the thought of traveling right away, though — my rig isn’t travel-worthy yet.

I’ll probably go ahead and book my summer job in Las Vegas pretty soon — it seems they want an answer in the next couple weeks.  Even though I’ll have $1500 in immediate costs I just can’t see me coming out any better by summer’s end anywhere else.


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