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The Uphill Battle : Missed Opportunity

Posted by on April 13, 2014

Financial Situation : Critical
Current Work : Private Poker Club / Catering Temp Agency
Job Ends : Seemingly Soon
Next Job : Tentatively — World Series of Poker in June and July

Last Saturday I was offered a gate guarding position as a most awkward time — on my way to work.  To take the job I would have had to call off work and potentially leave the poker club owner in an awkward position.  It’s not my style.

In hind-sight, I wish I would have.  Things are not going to work out at this club.  I’ve lost a lot of respect for my boss.  The next opportunity I get for a gate guarding position, I won’t hesitate.

Now why would I do that?  The owner is trying to get me to engage in some unethical business practices.  He claims it’s necessary to the success of the club.  He’ll find out soon enough I can’t be brainwashed into doing it, which means I’m on borrowed time.  I probably won’t last longer than another week — 2 weeks tops.

And for some reason I haven’t gotten any work with the temp agency.  I get only my first shift tomorrow in two weeks.

You may have noticed I’ve dipped back to “critical.”  Assuming I’ll be unemployed again in less than 2 weeks, I’m in a very bad place again.  In the event I need to get to Vegas, I have no idea how I’ll have enough cash to get there and then “float” for  6 weeks while waiting on my first real paycheck.  But staying here on a meager income I would bleed out.  Which makes the missed opportunity with the gate all that more frustrating.

Back to the drawing board.  I’m not going to outline the different scenarios for you.  It’s too complicated and pretty much all speculation at this point.  Any number of things could happen.  I can tell you my hopes of staying put here in hill country are starting to fade…


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