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The Uphill Battle : Training Preparations

Posted by on February 7, 2014

Financial Situation : Serious
Current Work : None, Preparing for Kitchen Craft Training
Job Ends : N/A
Next Job : Continued training with Kitchen Craft in Springdale, Arkansas February 14 – 16.

If my trainer is confident in me I may have a few opportunities to get on stage and make my first commission.  It would be even more fantastic if I met my training quota and passed.  I believe it’s quite rare for someone to do this at their second event.  I know I’m capable.

But when I pass training I’ll have a whole new set of challenges swirling around the transport of this humongous booth.  Size.  Weight.  The intrusion of the booth looming over my shoulder in everyday driving.  The possibility of having the intrusion of bringing things indoors for storage.  And now that Memphis Red* is acting up again, I have to be concerned with the reliability of my vehicle (I can’t imagine a day where my home is going one direction and my vehicle another while I’m having to rent a van to unload the booth).

Many, many obstacles.  And during a week I really want to discuss this with someone, nobody seems available!  If I could just ease my mind a bit, it would help justify 50+ hours of rehearsing.  I feel like my only motivation at this point is simply earning those commissions at my training.  It’s possible that will just have to be enough, for now.  I can focus on that — my training commissions.  Additionally, if my trainer gives a good report, Kitchen Craft may really support me in the campground presentations (rather than trade shows) until I can better transport the booth.


New Development : My client hopeful for a gig this May in Dallas seems to be wavering on an insurance issue.  It’s something I’ve never come up against in 17 years with my former business and it seems odd it would come up after having a relationship with this  client for 7-8 years.

New Development : I haven’t heard anything yet about a possible promotion at my summer job.  And now that the World Series of Poker is calling to get a decision on me returning as a dealer, it seems eminent I may have to return for at least one more tour of duty.

New Development : I’m not getting any return phone calls about dealing poker* at upcoming events in this area.  I’ll follow up this week.

New Development : I haven’t thought much about heading north to work the Gallup Poll in awhile.  Having dealt with this brutal winter for so long, it’s hard to imagine going to Nebraska for more abuse.  This one may come to the forefront again if Dallas and the dealing jobs around here both fall through.


A POSITIVE New Development :  If you were with me last year, you may recall I was training with a company in Phoenix.  Jesco was a tough, tough gig and it was clear to me I would have been under a lot of pressure to perform the impossible if they were to transport the booths to different cities.  Out of the blue, they contacted me again!

It seems they’ve adopted a new concept.  It’s a very small setup that could actually be shipped to me and would easily fit in my van.  I could tote it around from venue to venue (stores in different cities) and, if I understand right, I could pretty much do this at my choosing.  I would have a guarantee pay rate plus small bonuses (rather than straight commissions).  It’s a four-day weekend per store.

I would not make a fortune.  In fact, it would cover less than half of my monthly expenses if I did it 3 weeks out of a month.  But if it’s as good as advertised, it would be a terrific fallback during the months I don’t have work or if I’m en route to another job!  Additionally, if I’m choosing my venues, I could strategically work in cities with great campground deals and/or casinos!  And 3 days off.  If, in fact, there’s not a “hitch” in the new program, it could offer me tremendous flexibility.  Perhaps a missing and unexpected piece of the puzzle.

I’ll follow up with this one after I review the script and video presentation this week.






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