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The Uphill Battle : Train Wreck

Posted by on February 16, 2014

Financial Situation : Serious
Current Work : None
Job Ends : N/A
Next Job : None Scheduled

What a train wreck!  I’ve now invested 4 months into Kitchen Craft.  The three months last year were so I could prepare for the 10-day training in Colorado.  I studied in Utah for over 100 hours that round — all for naught.  This time around another month was wasted dealing with weather and car events so I could get down here to Arkansas for another training.  My recruiter wanted my trainer to get some video of me so we could at least proceed with the campground presentations.  That was the game plan.

But my “trainer” brought everything to a screeching halt.  He determined he didn’t want to invest the time to train me because I wasn’t “committed.”  He wants me to wait until I can go “all in” and be ready to do a string of trade shows right after my trainings — an impossible risk at this point.    It turns out this trainer is the brother-in-law of the owner, been with the company 36 years, and makes executive decisions.

I guess 4 months of no income is not enough of a “commitment.”  The crazy thing is I communicated my situation in a very exact way, every step of the way.  I have always been very clear about what I could and could not do every leg of this journey and my recruiter acted as if he were on board all along.  I was also very clear with my trainer on the phone before the event started.  But then it all seemed to be a big “surprise” when we met in person and I was discussing the campground program in lieu of trade shows this spring.

I’m angry at times.  It’s maddening and frustrating.  But, at other times, I’m relieved.  Without a proper vehicle or the capital, perhaps the time just isn’t right. An executive doesn’t seem to think training me to do demonstrations at campgrounds would be worth the investment of training me right now — and that’s his business (I just wish I were informed sooner rather than going a third of a year without income).

The big diesel cargo van is part of my future regardless of whether or not I proceed with this company.  Once I get my hands on one, I can then decide whether or not to move forward with them.  Rest assured I’ll have other irons in the fire…

But now what?

It all comes to a head this week, I guess.  I need definite answers from each one of my prospects.  Jesco, poker tournaments, gate guarding, the former client with the conference in Texas, The Gallup Poll in Nebraska, the World Series of Poker promotion.  It’s amazing none of the pieces of this puzzle has fallen into place, yet.  The only definite is that I can deal poker* at the WSOP like I have the past couple years.

Maybe I’ll wait tables here a couple months before I head to Vegas, and then find “permanent” work in Vegas for awhile.  The prospect of staying here in the Ozarks for a bit isn’t a bad one.  The camp is 7 miles out in the country and super-cheap.  And while I get to enjoy the nature and quietude of country life I’m only a short hop away from a civilized town of 150,000 — with all the normal, modern-day conveniences that I’ve missed for so long.  I don’t think I’ve ever had the best of both worlds in a campground location, and it really does appeal to me  a lot, at the moment.



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