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The Uphill Battle : One Thing at a Time?

Posted by on January 20, 2014

Financial Situation : Serious
Current Work : Amazon Fulfillment
Job Ends : January 31st
Next Job : Continued training with Kitchen Craft in Branson, Missouri February 14 – 16.  No guaranteed pay except on rare commission opportunities.

I opted out of going to Kansas City on the 7th to give me more time to prepare and adjust my sleep cycle.  I also still get this feeling that something will take me south after my training.

My expenses should be minimal.  I found at least one casino in northeast Oklahoma that I’ll be staying at, free the first 2-3 nights.  When it’s time to head to Branson, I found a camp at $165 per week.

The Plan:  While in Oklahoma I’ll rehearse several hours per day.  I’ll play poker* when I’m running well.  I’ll search jobs dealing poker” in the northeast quadrant of the state –  possibly even get an audition before I go to Branson.  I’ll call around Tulsa for some good used tires (I now need 3 more on 48 Ugly* in addition to an alignment sometime this spring).

When it’s time, I’ll move on to Branson.  Rehearse some more.  I’ll call around for tires in Springfield if I hadn’t found them already.  Continue my job search, if necessary.


That’s the best I can do.  I’m still playing the wait-and-see game, after all — and I can’t take employment before February 20th, anyway.  In fact, I need to quit looking past my training in Branson.  If I succeed in selling my quota there, I’ll make a handsome wage.  I keep forgetting that because it takes most agents several tries to pass training — and this is only my second opportunity.  Additionally, I worry that even if I do pass training and get my own booth — will it even fit it into Memphis Red?

One thing at a time.  If I do well enough, it could cover my February expenses and then some.   That’s a big deal.

One Response to The Uphill Battle : One Thing at a Time?

  1. Pleinguy

    Sure hope you can make it work. Sees like you need to get your monthly expenses down some more. Find more of those free casino parking spots. Because 23 per night is gonna kill ya. Best of luck!

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