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The Uphill Battle : One Thing at a Time?

Posted by on January 20, 2014

Financial Situation : Serious
Current Work : Amazon Fulfillment
Job Ends : January 31st
Next Job : Continued training with Kitchen Craft in Branson, Missouri February 14 – 16.  No guaranteed pay except on rare commission opportunities.

I opted out of going to Kansas City on the 7th to give me more time to prepare and adjust my sleep cycle.  I also still get this feeling that something will take me south after my training.

My expenses should be minimal.  I found at least one casino in northeast Oklahoma that I’ll be staying at, free the first 2-3 nights.  When it’s time to head to Branson, I found a camp at $165 per week.

The Plan:  While in Oklahoma I’ll rehearse several hours per day.  I’ll play poker* when I’m running well.  I’ll search jobs dealing poker” in the northeast quadrant of the state –  possibly even get an audition before I go to Branson.  I’ll call around Tulsa for some good used tires (I now need 3 more on 48 Ugly* in addition to an alignment sometime this spring).

When it’s time, I’ll move on to Branson.  Rehearse some more.  I’ll call around for tires in Springfield if I hadn’t found them already.  Continue my job search, if necessary.


That’s the best I can do.  I’m still playing the wait-and-see game, after all — and I can’t take employment before February 20th, anyway.  In fact, I need to quit looking past my training in Branson.  If I succeed in selling my quota there, I’ll make a handsome wage.  I keep forgetting that because it takes most agents several tries to pass training — and this is only my second opportunity.  Additionally, I worry that even if I do pass training and get my own booth — will it even fit it into Memphis Red?

One thing at a time.  If I do well enough, it could cover my February expenses and then some.   That’s a big deal.

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