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The Uphill Battle : Trying to Settle In

Posted by on June 4, 2014

Financial Situation : Critical
Current Work : World Series of Poker
Job Ends : Mid-July
Next Job : Several irons in the fire but nothing definite

It’s so weird.  I don’t feel like a resident of Las Vegas, yet.  Not even close.

Even though I’ve pretty much decided this is the best place for me to spend 3 years on my financial recovery, it doesn’t feel like home, yet.  I suppose it probably won’t until I settle into some regular work at the end of the summer.  It may not feel like home until I’m playing poker regularly.

Regardless, I have a long way to go:

June : Put my head down and deal the WSOP.  Thankfully, it appears we’re going to have the biggest jump in attendance in several years.   We’re already crushing old records. I’m already working 6 days and it’s only Week Two.  By the time my first real paycheck kicks in at the end of June, I should be able to catch up with no past-due bills.

July : I’ll begin my job hunt mid-July in the event my current leads don’t pan out.  By the end of July I should have a tiny bit of wiggle room and be able to supplement my income with poker.

August/September : Settle into new job.  Have the ability to budget.

2015 : Start paying off medical bills and debt.


So, a long road, for sure.  But Vegas is the land of opportunity for me.  I know it’ll feel like home in about 3 months…


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