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The Uphill Battle : Opportunity in Hill Country

Posted by on March 25, 2014

Financial Situation : Serious
Current Work : Private Poker Club / Catering Temp Agency
Job Ends : Potentially until I recuperate financially
Next Job : Tentatively — World Series of Poker in June and July

So, here’s the situation.

I think I’ve run out of time with gateguarding, at least for this season.  If I started tomorrow, my savings wouldn’t be padded enough to feel comfortable rushing off to Vegas for summer work and, after a brutal winter in rural Kansas with no modern conveniences and communications, the idea of being in solitude without these things again right away is not something that appeals to me.  It’s something I’d definitely like to revisit in the future — perhaps en route to Vegas next year.

This said, I’m still signing up to deal poker* at the WSOP in the event my new gig doesn’t work so well.  The way I figure, if I make decent enough money here but am not having fun — I’ll move on to Vegas.  If I think my new circumstances will serve my in the short long-term, I’ll stick around here awhile and mostly likely postpone Vegas until next year.

Tomorrow I have an orientation with one of the caterers that work with my waitstaff temp agency.  Exciting news — I’m going to work some events as a banquet waiter and some as a bartender (in training)!  It’s only a $10/hr job but a great opportunity to learn a new trade to add to my resume.  I’ll work up to 2 days per week with them around my poker schedule.  Additionally, it sounds like there’s a terrific opportunity to work a month-long gig at a month-long rodeo next March in Houston…

On Thursday I begin work at a private poker club.  My schedule will be long over-nighters Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Because I’ll be doing split duty for a couple weeks with a dealer that was kind enough to let me, the pay will be decent but not terribly lucrative for 3-4 weeks.  At that point I’m supposed to get a big jump in pay raise as I take on a “lead dealer” role as the owner and his son (also a dealer) take a 3-month vacation.  If I feel good about this, I’ll certainly skip the WSOP in Vegas this year until I get back on my feet.

I love ‘hill country.”  I think there’s a lot of opportunity here.  I get to enjoy a nice, friendly country setting at my RV Park.  And, because my shifts are going to be long at the poker club, I don’t think I’ll mind the long drive to San Antonio.  It looks like I’ll learn to tend bar.  I found some great support groups and learning opportunities for website marketing.  A nice countryside coffee shop called “The Loft.”  I found a free poker league on Tuesday nights in a small town just around the corner.  And lots and lots of sightseeing opportunities.

It’s “home.”  At least for now!

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