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The Uphill Battle : Finally, a Sign…

Posted by on May 1, 2014

Financial Situation : Critical
Current Work : Private Poker Club / Catering Temp Agency
Job Ends : Seemingly Soon
Next Job : Tentatively — World Series of Poker in June and July

I’ve been waiting for my sign.  Leaving for Vegas has been a tough decision.

There are risks:  Bad tires.  A sluggish Memphis Red*.  More debt and immediate financial hardships, once again.

I’d also be passing on opportunities here in San Antonio: A raise at the club and more hours (but not until the end of summer).  An opportunity to work with local poker party companies and learn the inner workings of the charity event business.    An opportunity to learn bartending through the catering temp agency.  Little distraction (casinos) so I can work on my projects for a year at my wonderful clubhouse.  A GREAT group of business owners who meet up for free educational classes on website marketing and blogs, San Antonio On-Line Marketing Group…

And I think it was the SA Marketing Group that provided me with the sign I was looking for!  I can now be content with leaving behind this one opportunity because I may just get my “fill” at a seminar I was just invited to.  For $20 I get to attend an all-day seminar (to help manage content and marketing of my 7 blogs).  It will be a great learning experience and, ironically, it’s just one day prior to the slated departure date for Vegas.  Coincidence?

This new development may just be the clincher.  I’ll end this stay in San Antonio on a very positive note.  I can now leave in good conscience.  And besides, the door will probably remain open at the club should I choose to come back (I think he knows closing the club half the summer for his vacations is probably not ideal for me).  I may also be able to stay connected with one of the poker party companies and do phone sales.

So, short term game-plan: Limp into Vegas again, work the World Series of Poker, establish a Vegas address (for potential unemployment benefits), search for a permanent job.  If, in July, things aren’t looking hopeful — entertain the idea of coming back here for one more year.

Long term : 3-4 year plan, depending on this year’s permanent resident status in Las Vegas.  This includes finishing some projects, getting my business going again, paying off debts, and buying my “new” big heavy duty diesal van.

(One thing that might throw a hitch in the plans?  If I’m offered a gate-guarding job in the area to tie me over for awhile.  I could then reconnect with the club for a few months and then head to Vegas next year…)


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