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RiverCat Journal : Ummmm

Posted by on October 2, 2012

Current Venue:  Tempe, AZ (Phoenix Area)
Campground: Tempe Travel Trailer Villa

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I’m simply trying to settle in at the moment.  I like Phoenix and want to stay for the winter.  Of course I need to make ends meet…

4 Responses to RiverCat Journal : Ummmm

  1. Valerie

    What is the weather like in Phoenix? Is it still hot, or turning mild. We are enjoying the trees turning and harvest time. Fall is my favorite seasons — bonfires, football, pumpkins. Hope things work out for you, although we will miss you at Christmas. : (

  2. RiverCat

    No autumn here! It still gets up to the low 100s but the 115s seem to have subsided. The evenings are very pleasant.

  3. Pat

    The weather just broke here. In the 90s now, which is pleasant when you are used to 110. It’ll stay nice until March. River at, have you hiked up Camelback yet?

    • RiverCat

      Sorry it took so long to reply Pat, I missed your comments somehow! No, I haven’t hiked it. I’ve read it’s rather vigorous and my knee is still healing from my accident this summer and I’m afraid to aggravate it.

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