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RiverCat Journal : Sprint Customer Review : You Decide…

Posted by on August 4, 2014

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Perhaps I’m a lousy consumer.  But it seems to me I shouldn’t be expected to know someone else’s business.  Here is my Sprint Customer Review so far…

I changed cell phone companies after something like 15 years.  I don’t know how often the average person changes cell phone companies, maybe once every 5 years?  How then, are we expected to know their business?

For instance, activation fees.  When I initially signed up for 2 new devices, I wasn’t aware of the activation fees.  Why would I be?  I haven’t switched companies in 15 years!  Had I known that, I wouldn’t have signed up for 2 more devices the following week.

And for instance…being billed in advance.  Shouldn’t someone tell me that?  When the first rep tells me I’m at $80 per month for 2 devices, and the second informs me I’m at $180 for 4 devices, shouldn’t I expect a bill of $180?

It was $400+++.  I went back to the second rep and got a $30 charge reversed.  That’s it.

I called and spent two hours convincing someone this maybe wasn’t right.  She gave me $300 in rebates and told me in the meantime I could make payment arrangements.  And then today, this…

Sprint: We received your information and will connect you with a Chat Specialist soon.
Yvonne G.: Thank you for contacting Sprint, my name is Yvonne G.. I am happy to help you today.
Yvonne G.: I am currently reviewing your concern for today.
Yvonne G.: While I access your account information, can you please provide more details about why you’re chatting with us today?
You: I spoke to a rep a week ago and she set me up with one rebate of $100 and another of $200. Can you see if they’ve kicked in?
Yvonne G.: May I ask when was the exact date that you have been informed about the rebate?
You: I don’t have it in front of me
Yvonne G.: Alright. Thank you.
Yvonne G.: May I ask what the rebates were for?
You: A very unsatisfied customer. She talked fast and quickly put in for the rebates and said I had one coming for $200 and another for $100. Can you not check my notes?
Yvonne G.: I apologize for the inconvenience Key, I am just trying to make sure that we are on the same page.
Yvonne G.: I have checked here and you were registered for the promotion with the $100 and $200 rebate.
You: ok…so can i go ahead and apply those to my bill?
Yvonne G.: I will clarify this for you.
Yvonne G.: For the promotion rebates, you will be receiving a Visa prepaid card for that.
Yvonne G.: You can check the status of your rebates or for the promotion online at and check status tab enter the promotion codes.
Yvonne G.: Here are the promotion codes on the notes on your account.
Yvonne G.: PIV-20141991118898 for the $100 and LV2-20141991118880 for the $200.
You: so you cant check the status?
Yvonne G.: I can check the status for you. One moment please.
Yvonne G.: Thank you for waiting.
Yvonne G.: As I have checked here for the PIV-20141991118898 code, here is the what I am seeing : We have located your registration which has a confirmation number of PIV-20141991118898. Our records indicate that you registered on Friday, July 18, 2014. We appreciate your patience while we process your request. We ask that you check back with us after Wednesday, September 17, 2014, at which time your record will be updated with the most up-to-date information we have on your request.
You: September?!!! 2 months later?
Yvonne G.: For the LV2-20141991118880 promotion code, here’s what is stated :We have located your registration which has a confirmation number of LV2-20141991118880. Our records indicate that you registered on Friday, July 18, 2014. We appreciate your patience while we process your request. We ask that you check back with us after Monday, August 18, 2014, at which time your record will be updated with the most up-to-date information we have on your request.
Yvonne G.: I understand the sense of urgency Key.
Yvonne G.: Please be advised that account must be active and in good standing for 45 days to receive VISA Prepaid Card.
Yvonne G.: VISA Prepaid Card is sent after eligibility is verified.
You: None of this was explained to me…but two months? Of course, how am I supposed to pay a first time $400+ phone bill (that was explained to me was going to be a $180 phone bill) in the meantime?
You: I won’t be in very good standing if I cant pay the $400 plus phone bill (that was supposed to be 180 the way it was explained) will I?
Yvonne G.: I apologize if there were confusions with your previous interaction.
Yvonne G.: Please be advised that since this is a new account that is why you are seeing prorated charges plus month in advance of your new plan.However, on your next bill you will be seeing your normal charges.
Yvonne G.: It could be, however the good news is if in the following months you are paying on time you, no payment arrangement that will cover the previous records that you have.
Yvonne G.: Please let me know if you have questions.
You: 1. If I had been “advised” about the activation fees and the proration to begin with I would have only gotten TWO devices instead of FOUR. I’m now facing a $400 I can’t pay. 2. I didn’t understand your last statement “no payment arrangements…”
Yvonne G.: I apologize for the confusion, I will clarify this for you.
Yvonne G.: Please be advised that of you are able to pay on time and you have no payment arrangements or payment extensions you would still be in good standing.
Yvonne G.: I apologize if in the previous interactions there were confusions.
Yvonne G.: Please be advised that on your next bill, you will be seeing your normal charges, would you like me to calculate your normal charges for you?
You: That doesnt exactly fix things. I would NOT have gotten FOUR devices if my agent had been up-front. Now I am STUCK with paying this monster bill with no payment arrangements so I can get these rebates?!!!
You: i can even make arrangements?!!
Yvonne G.: I am not trying to disagree with you , I am here to help you.
Yvonne G.: Please be advised that this is a new account and we are unable to process a payment arrangement , the good news is we do have a dedicated department that can provide you payment options.
Yvonne G.: If you want to learn more about your payment options, please call *2 from your Sprint phone or 1-800-808-1336 from another device to speak with a Customer Finance Services specialist.
You: options? you mean check or debit? it seems you’re still saying I won’t get the rebates unless I pay 400 right now?
You: (when I was told 180)
Yvonne G.: I understand your point Key, what I can do on my end is process a feedback for the previous agent. I can assure you on your next billing cycle you will see your normal charges.Please know that Sprint bills a month in advance.
Yvonne G.: I can provide you your normal bill estimate. I will calculate it for you.
You: that does me little good NOW…you see, i just finished a seasonal job and will be unemployed for awhile. $400 is what I’m facing with little money in my checking. I may be unemployed for 2 months with only a couple thousand in my account…see my problem paying a $400 bill that I was not aware of until NOW?
Yvonne G.: I understand your situation.
Yvonne G.: I have calculated here on my end, your normal charges would be $147.73 before taxes and fees, surcharges and other fees that you may incur,
Yvonne G.: **$174.82
You: How does that help me if I have to pay the unexpected $400 up-front ? (When I was told 180 and nothing about activation fees). Who’s going to help me pay the 400 so I can get my 300 in rebates someday?
Yvonne G.: I sincerely apologize for the confusions with the previous interaction you had Key, please be advised that adding of new lines or account or a new phone would be with an activation fee.
Yvonne G.: We appreciate you taking time to share to us your feedback , rest assured I will process a feedback for the previous agent for the inconvenience.
You: Yvonne…
You: how does any of this information help me AFTER-THE-FACT. i’m still facing this bill that I apparently can’t make payment arrangements for
Yvonne G.: Thank you for waiting.
Yvonne G.: Thank you for your patience, I will have the information shortly.
Yvonne G.: Thank you for waiting.
Yvonne G.: I know you’re understandably frustrated with the situation Key.
Yvonne G.: The promotion would need the account to be on at least 45 days tenure, that is why we are unable to make use of the Visa Prepaid Card for the moment.
Yvonne G.: I reviewed your account records to check for alternatives but currently it’s not eligible for a payment arrangement.
Yvonne G.: I do apologize for any inconvenience but I will surely send a feedback on this case for the previous interaction to be reviewed and investigated with.
Yvonne G.: Please let me know if you’re still available to chat with me so I can continue to assist you.
You: I see? So I’m just STUCK with this mess. What day is this $400+ phone bill due again (that was supposed to be 180 and nothing about 4 activation fees and pro-ration)? I’ll give you 1/5 of my savings for the misunderstandings? In the meantime, this product review will go on Not a good review. THREE different agents gave me lack of information, not one. 1st agent: nothing about activation fees or advanced billing or proration. 2nd agent the same (2 more devices), and the agent on the phone said nothing about the inability to make payment arrangements for those rebates. Seems to be a trend
You: ok what day is this due? I’m exhausted and done with this today…
Yvonne G.: One moment please.
Yvonne G.: hank you for waiting.
Yvonne G.: *Thank
Yvonne G.: I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience Key, I know how important it is for you to get this resolved.
Yvonne G.: Here’s what I’ll do for you.
Yvonne G.: I will be processing an adjustment for the activation fees for the 2 lines on your account. I’ll be processing that right now.
Yvonne G.: I’m still updating your account to resolve your issue. Thanks for waiting.
Yvonne G.: Thank you for waiting.
Yvonne G.: I have successfully processed the adjustments on your account. Your current balance is now $346.06 that is due today, 8/1/2014.
Yvonne G.: Do you have further questions?
You: Still very upset, but I have a couple hours to call back and make this payment I guess. I hope you’ve done your best. Thanks.
Yvonne G.: I did try my best to help you out on this and again I apologize for any inconvenience. Aside from the credit that I have applied, I will be processing a feedback on this.
Yvonne G.: You’re welcome.

Hmmm… I suppose under the circumstances it’s quite possible Yvonne did the best she could.

Doe it excuse the previous 3 reps for lack of information or misinformation?  I don’t know.  I DO know this is becoming a part-time job I didn’t ask for.  In addition to the billing issues I’m going to have to call back about some strange usage warnings.  I love my devices, but is this worth it?  Check back in August, check back in September.  It’s going to be another full day already…

It almost seems the system is set up for it’s-too-little-too-late but we’ll “do-the best-we-can-to-make-you-feel-better-about-it” plan.  What do you think?

Imagine a salesperson quoting someone $180 per month with the addendum, “Oh, but just so you know, your first bill will be $458.”  Maybe it’s no big deal, really.  I’m more budget conscious than most, I guess.

Sprint may be a terrific company, but consumer be prepared : Activation fees and advanced billing.  Ask lots of questions if you’re on a budget!

Good News : I suspect things are going to change in the cell phone business.  A recent bill was proposed that will allow devices to be “unlocked” when switching companies — rather than having to buy the same exact model of phone through your new carrier.  Wow!  A home run for the consumer?!

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