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RiverCat Journal : Road to Recovery

Posted by on May 7, 2013

Current Venue:  Tempe, AZ (Phoenix Area)
Campground: Tempe Travel Trailer Villa

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Wow.  Four days off.  My first stint with Jesco is finally over.  Now just two weeks to prepare  for my trip to Vegas.  I’m pretty much finished with the idea of getting an apartment or house while I work there.  While the parks aren’t conveniently located to The Rio or The Strip, it’s just so much more economical.

I’m looking forward to staying at the Blackrock campground in QZ, again.  I looked at the possibility of going to Yuma or someplace different, but again, I need to be practical in getting to Vegas a couple days before orientation.

One thing I am going to do is stay in a neat little spot called Cal-Nev-Ari.  It’s a tiny desert town with an old-style casino-restaurant between Searchlight, Nevada and Laughlin.  I’m thrilled I get to hang out in Laughlin a bit.  I dealt poker there one summer and am eager to see the Colorado River and visit the casinos again.  (I’m not staying in Laughlin because of the legendary hill I’d have to navigate).


So, what else is going on?

*  Tomorrow I meet with a contact about potentially selling his products at trade shows beginning with a short fall test-run in some western states on the way to Kansas.

*  I’m finishing my new RV website this week.  I’ll provide an update in a couple days.

*  I’m heading back to Fish Creek Canyon on Thursday to do the “Wildlife Scavenger Hunt.”

*  Saturday I work my first gig with my new business, RiverCat Productions.

*  I have two more Sunday-Mondays at the poker club.

*  Next week I’m gearing up for the trip.


Things are looking up.  I should be able to pay my remaining medical bills by the beginning of June.  I should make a nice little lump sum by mid-July.  And, by then, I’d be willing to bet I’ll have 1-2 gigs lined up before I get to Kansas — especially with so many irons in the fire.  I daresay I’m on the road to recovery!

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