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RiverCat Journal : One-Day Fun-Day

Posted by on November 9, 2015

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Current Venue: Las Vegas, NV
Campground: Arizona Charlie’s

Working and Planning.

I had a beautiful 6-week trip planned for December and January with a 2-week layover near Sedona for the holidays — and three trade show stops as an exhibitor. It quickly unraveled, though. A mandatory meeting at the end of January nixed “The Big Tent” at the Q. And then I found out I may be asked to deal 1-2 special events in December! It’s my first year on the road to financial recovery — better to play it safe this time around and accommodate my seasonal employers for awhile. Meanwhile, I’ll just shoot down to Blythe, California to set up at a bluegrass festival mid-January and simply visit Quartzsite for a few days in 2016. Next year I’ll use my one “opt-out” at work (I can forfeit one special event) to establish my presence at Quartzsite in 2017.

In a way, I’m relieved. The first booth at any event is always the hardest, especially when it comes to staffing. This way I’ll have one event established in January 2017, with only two others to spend a lot of time preparing for. And I think I’m going to adopt this approach for all my trips this year — short, sweet, and simple — then add a show to each trip next year. So, this year, 4-5 events. Next year 8 or 9.

Still a Full-Time RVer, Right?

You Betcha’. Full-Timing is in my blood!

My travel schedule has been light this last year so I could find my footing in Vegas. But now with two regular seasonal jobs and the ability to pick up shifts year-round, I have the ultimate opportunity to start my business again and travel more and more each season. I see myself working 5-6 months in Vegas each of the next 3 years until I can go full-time with the business, and then continue to just work summers in Vegas for several more years so I can dump money into a 401k.

Despite “settling down” a little bit, my life is an incredible adventure right now! Variety is never an issue because every couple weeks I have a completely new reality. Not only do I have a new residence (my Thousand Trails membership requires I leave every 3rd week), but also rotating vocations. Some weeks I deal poker. Some weeks I play poker for a living. Other weeks I focus on my business and do home improvement projects.

My next goal is to add “just plain fun” to the mix. While I am having fun getting my life back in order and feeling productive again, I don’t seem to have the ability lately to just set aside a day of relaxation without anything work-related to justify fun activities. I’m in the entertainment capital of the world, have a handful of free show tickets at my disposal, but I’m always too focused to remember to use them! This needs to change. I’m going to schedule one “fun day” every month, for starters. Nothing work-related, no errands, no chores. This month? Thanksgiving. I’m going to watch football, eat what I want (pumpkin pie), and probably spend an evening at the movie theater.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. I’ll have updates soon on my travel schedule and home improvements…





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