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RiverCat Journal : Minden, NV : Carson Valley Inn

Posted by on October 29, 2017

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Where I’m At: Minden, NV
Campground : Carson Valley Inn


I just love these old lodge-style casino/campgrounds.


The rural setting of Topaz Lake was a fine time. But, despite being in the center of a small town, Carson Valley Inn feels every bit as intimate and has way more to offer. This includes entertainment seemingly every single night…



I also have access to a terrific pool and workout room. I admit I haven’t made it to the workout facilities. I did manage to join a gym in Lake Tahoe, which will cost me $20 for the trip.


But I need someplace with fewer temptations…


And without the distractions of “work…”


Carson Valley Inn is not only a half-hour from the World Series of Poker Circuit event in Tahoe, but also has it’s own poker room and offers double-deck blackjack (my favorite). Between my gambling efforts and sightseeing at the lake, I anticipate I’ll only make it to the gym 7-8 times during these three weeks.

And it becomes even clearer to me : I need a 3-4 month stop to focus solely on fitness. It’s coming. But, for now, I have to continue going with the flow…

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