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RiverCat Journal : Marriage…

Posted by on December 4, 2015

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Current Venue: Las Vegas, NV
Campground: Main Street Station
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Hey, What Happened Here?

When I set out on this journey a few years ago, I envisioned something entirely different. I dreamed of being on the road full-time. I’d work. And sure, there’d be some bumps in the road…but I’d never considered the possibility of settling down anywhere.

But after my health problems and ensuing debt, I knew I had to make my way to Vegas and get on a 2-3 year plan for financial recovery before shoving off again. But then, opportunity…

The summer job I signed up for this year quickly turned into a career opportunity, the most fantastic kind for someone in my position. I’ll be required to work special events for The Venetian about half the year. The rest of the time I can do “what I want.” I can pick up shifts at The Venetian, Red Rock Casino, and special events at Planet Hollywood and Gold Nugget when I want to deal poker. Other weeks I’ll play poker for a living. The rest of the time I’ll work on my special events business and travel!

It couldn’t be a more perfect scenario.
A New Plan…

My only limitation right now is that my RV travels are going to be confined to the western half for awhile. When the time is right, however, I can demote myself to “traveling poker dealer” at the Venetian and only work summers in Vegas!

I don’t intend to waste this opportunity. My business goals in 2016 are to set up as a vendor at 5 shows, get at least one sponsorship, and develop a Vegas-based business (poker/massage parties, concierge/tour services). In 2017 I’ll set up at 8-9 shows, have a sales system in place for sponsorships — and sell at least 5 of them. In 2018 I should be well on my way and might be able to demote myself at The Venetian after the summer and start traveling full-time, again.

But I believe Las Vegas could be home-base indefinitely. The plan is to hang onto this job in the summers and eventually dump 100% of my earnings into a nice 401k. But now I’m getting ahead of myself…

For now, I just wanted to let my readers know I’ll be marrying the content on JourneyLinks with The Ramblin RiverCat and making a few changes:

1. Repairs. You may have noticed some outdated widgets on my sidebars. This is because my editor is broken. I’m seeking some help on this and hope to have a fix in the next couple weeks.

2. A New Look. It’s time for an identity change! Full-time RVing is only half of my “double life.” The rest of the time it’s all about being a resident tourist in Las Vegas.

3. New Content. The menu bar will separate my Vegas excursions from my other travel adventures. New features will include the recently-added “Snaphots” (pictures only) and “Signposts” from the JourneyLinks site.

4. New Resources. I’m not going to pretend to be a handyman. The resources on this site will be all the fun stuff, instead! I’ll begin by integrating the resources on JourneyLinks and then continually add more resources throughout 2016.

5. Eventually, eventually…I’ll open up the comments, again. I’m just better at e-mail at the moment. Always feel free to contact me at


Quartzsite 2016

I’m going to Blythe and Quartzsite in January. I won’t be joining my “group” this time around for boondocking and campfires, however. This year it’s going to be more of a “scouting” trip. I recently realized that I was ill-prepared to set up as a vendor with my particular business and that I’m going to have to do something very unique in 2017 to be successful there. To pull off this idea, I’ll need to learn Quartzsite inside and out so that I’ll know all the resources available to me.

I’m seeking full hookups this time around. If anyone knows a good place to plug in with decent showers at a reasonable rate (even a little further out of town is ok) PLEASE contact me at the above e-mail and let me know!




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