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RiverCat Journal : Las Vegas : Working, Organizing, and Planning

Posted by on June 8, 2016

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Current Venue: Las Vegas, NV
Campground: Thousand Trails


As usual, I have very little time to blog in the summers. Seven-day workweeks leave just enough time to get my errands and chores done. Towards the end of July I’ll have 2-3 days off to prepare for my departure.

Up until this point I had not been terribly excited about my journey in the scorching heat in August — it was more of a necessary recruiting trip for my Q-Town RubDown crew. But now, as I’m actually into the planning phase, I’m getting the hitch itch! Here’s how it’s breaking down…

5-6 nights in Laughlin for mostly unwinding, playing poker, and water sports.

4 nights in Yuma, my first time. I do some sightseeing and visit a nearby casino.

6 nights in Tucson at one of my favorite all-time parks, Desert Trails.

7 nights in Apache Junction. This is the biggest stop on my Q-Town RubDown recruiting campaign, and I’ll mostly be commuting to Phoenix on a daily basis to conduct interviews. As it turns out, this part of the calendar also landed on the exact week of the Arizona State Poker Championships — so I figure it’s destiny I at least try to qualify for it. This will be a very busy week, but I still intend to make my way to Fish Creek Canyon to find that rain forest in the middle of the desert!

14 nights in Cottonwood. Here, I’ll finish hiring, processing, and then do whatever the heck I want! I can’t wait to explore the Sedona area again, and  I’ve heard this particular Thousand Trails is one of the most awesome campgrounds in the system!

7 nights back to Las Vegas. I’m leaving this part completely open. Maybe the Grand Canyon or some slot canyons in Page? Lake Havasu? Laughlin again?


I still in disbelief at how well Thousand Trails and Passport America memberships work together to save tons of money on camping. I don’t think I’m staying anywhere for more than $17 per night, with the exception of Laughlin (where I’m only paying $22). Everywhere else is 50% off or $3 per night!





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