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RiverCat Journal : Las Vegas, NV : On the Fence

Posted by on September 1, 2017

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Where I’m At: Las Vegas, NV
Campground : Thousand Trails


Health Update

A couple weeks ago I got to experience the best vision I’d had in years when I put in my customized contacts. No matter what time of day I would put them in, the lenses would stabilize my cornea and I’d have 20/25 vision. No more headaches, nausea, or dizziness. No more trying to figure out which pair of glasses to put on for each individual task throughout the day.

But I knew something wasn’t right. My severe dry eyes were interfering. Even with the specially-designed suction tool to remove them, it was taking longer and longer each night to dislodge the lenses. Eventually, I ended up at urgent care to have one blasted out.

Additionally, because of the severe dryness, my vision takes a full 24 hours to recover before I can switch back to glasses (normally it should take 2 hours). For these reasons, I won’t be able to wear them on days I work for the next 3 weeks.

It’s going to be a process. For now, I’m going to be starting a 3-month treatment for the severe dryness and just wear the contacts sparingly on my days off. Eventually…eventually…I may be able to lead a somewhat normal life, again.


Travel Plans

The good news is, there may not be any doctor’s appointments to hold up my trip. I should be able to leave at the end of September or first week of October as I originally planned! This should give me plenty of time for some random adventures in rural Nevada and the Yosemite area.

Once I get near Reno I’ll be watching  the extended weather forecasts. I could stay an entire month there and drive up-and-down the hill to Tahoe for 2 weeks. Or, weather-permitting, I could tackle Donner Pass en route to my membership campground in Emigrant Gap near Tahoe. Or, I could head to a nice casino-campground in the Carson Valley for the Tahoe portion of the trip. All of them sound like fine ideas — weather and economics are the determining factors.

But rather than head towards the Northwest afterwards, there’s a fair chance I won’t feel comfortable straying too far from Vegas for very long the next few months. I sense there will be more followups and necessary adjustments, not to mention all the glasses subscriptions that need to be changed.

So, Plan B : Southern California and Arizona. There’s still some campgrounds near San Diego and L.A. I’d like to visit. Palm Springs would be a great place to stay active and exercise for two weeks. And Cottonwood, Arizona would still be a neat destination for the holidays.

I’m completely on the fence at this point. The Oregon Coast is calling me, but if I stay south just until after the holidays, there’s still some time to make my way up there before I have to get back to Vegas in late spring. I’ll have a better idea once I get going.


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