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RiverCat Journal : New Job!

Posted by on June 26, 2013

Current Venue:  Las Vegas
Campground: Thousand Trails

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Bad news first:  My Illinois driver’s license is expiring this November and I’m having great difficulty renewing it.  I have to prove residency and, having none of the accepted documentation, I have no way of doing this at the moment.  I’m clearing most of my schedule the next two days to deal with this matter.  Worst-case scenario, I may have to establish residency in Nevada real quick and get my license here before I leave on the 26th — but that would require a lot of costs I simply don’t wish to incur at the moment (license, tags, insurance).

Good News:  A new job!  I’m officially back in the trade show business and will begin my training in Colorado in August.  I”m very anxious to see if this job is a fit.  If it is, it appears I’ll have tremendous flexibility and a nice little income.  And, because trade shows are mostly in the spring and fall, I’ll still have the option of working or playing the World Series of Poker in the summer.  In fact, lots of poker special events are purposely scheduled during harsher seasons — and I may even be able to work an event in Cherokee, North Carolina this December before starting this new job in January.

Here is the very latest itinerary:

Now through July 26th:  Las Vegas

July 27th – August 2nd: Kanarraville, UT (Zion and Bryce Canyon Nat’l Parks, Mesquite NV)

August 3rd – 11th : Provo, UT/ Rock Springs, WY/Ft. Collins, CO  (Horsetooth Resevoir)

August 12th – 16th:  Colorado Springs, CO  (Cheyenne Mountain State Park )

August 17th – September 5th:  Pueblo, CO   (Training at state fair August 21 – Sept. 4th)

September 5th – 16th : Golden, CO  (Close to Heartland Poker Tour event in Black Hawk) or stay in Peublo

September:  Dodge City, KS  (Old west tourist town, casino)

Late September/October/November : Altamont, KS  (Amazon)

December:  Possible Cherokee, North Carolina gig


Because I booked a 4-night vacation in a popular state park and their first availability wasn’t until August 12th, my sprint across Utah and Wyoming suddenly became more leisurely.  I then discovered a $130 weekly in Utah near some national parks!  Even still, I’ll have several nights for the 3 stops on the way to Colorado Springs.

Yes, I did all this against my “better judgment.”  I need to be with nature, like “normal full-time RVers.”  And if I pass this  by, I’m simply not doing my duty as part of this exclusive fraternity — it’s a MUST.

But as it turns out, it really isn’t going to cost much more!  Finding the weekly in Utah is going to make up for the difference.

However, my dates getting pushed back may not allow me to take full advantage of my monthly rate in Pueblo — unless I bypass going to the Heartland Poker Tour in Black Hawk and just stay a bit longer.  Unless I get a job as a dealer* at the Black Hawk event, I may  consider leaving 48 Ugly* in Pueblo and get a budget hotel on a day-to-day basis while I play* up in Black Hawk.  Or bypass the event altogether — which would be very, very difficult to do.

I’m not worrying about trying to get a monthly in Golden.  Upon booking my campsite in Kansas, I learned some good news.  Amazon covers my site beginning September 24th.  However, if I want to come early, I can stay there for only $10 per night (full hook-up)!  Perfect.  I selected a site there a bit outside of Coffeyville to be in a more rural area.  I’ll have a lake view at this one.

Wow, The Ultimate Journey is really starting to take shape!  I never dreamed it would be this structured, but my financial matters dictates this and — you know what — this planning IS fun!  I know someday NOT planning will be just as fun  but, for right now, I very much enjoy watching this adventure unfold on paper.

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