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RiverCat Journal : Health Fixes

Posted by on September 10, 2016

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Current Venue: Las Vegas, NV
Campground: Thousand Trails


Barring a major catastrophe, I can’t even imagine a more challenging 5-week trip. A couple things I didn’t even have time to mention in my previous posts amidst all the repairs —  our health problems.

I’ve been struggling with extreme fluctuating vision for nearly a year. This sometimes happens with RK-surgery recipients when they get past the age of 40. Most RK patients are also not eligible for laser surgery (although I am going to get a second opinion). I require multi-focals and, after several tries, haven’t come close to multi-focal contacts that are comfortable to wear — due to extreme dryness and periods of blurry vision. I had to wear my multi-focal glasses the entirety of the trip as we awaited my last-resort contacts to be shipped. The glasses present a whole different set of challenges, particularly when moving around or outdoors when it’s hot. It has been quite aggravating and it was clear I could not continue to wear them full-time.

I recently picked up my new contact lenses — the most comfortable yet. While I still have to pound the eye drops, the dryness has a less adverse affect than the previous pairs. Between the glasses and new contacts, I’m hopeful that I’m on the verge of a manageable way of dealing with this issue,

And then there’s this guy…


Jeepers’ problems began the first night of our California trip — constant aggressive licking. He would do this to the point of exhaustion, then go to sleep, then wake up suddenly and go at it again! Needless to say, this drove us both mad. Neither one of us got much sleep.

I bathed him regularly, changed out every household chemical and soap, and eventually took him to a vet in Marysville, California. The vet eliminated the possibility of parasites and pumped him full of fluids — also eliminating the dehydration theory.

Back in Vegas he’s finally starting to improve. I’ve narrowed it down to three things:

  1. Changing kitty litters. He’d been using Special Kitty for several years but it’s possible the quality of the product got worse and the dust is irritating his skin. This is consistent with the timing of him spilling his travel litter and laying in it the first day of the trip. Two days after changing it to Dr. Elsey’s brand here in Vegas, I’ve noticed an improvement. However, it could also be…
  2. Pain medication. My Las Vegas vet prescribed it recently but it did not have an immediate effect. It will run out pretty soon and that will give us a clue. If nothing changes, I will have to eliminate one other possibility…
  3. Acepromazine, his travel sedative. Selfishly, I really hope it’s not this. There aren’t many alternatives for a cat that gets extremely violent with motion sickness. This would postpone my next long trip indefinitely. I think it’s unlikely he’s developed a new allergy to this medication, but I can’t completely eliminate the idea just yet.



But I can adjust to being grounded for awhile. The great thing about Las Vegas is there are plenty of ways for me to make a living and have fun here. As far as dealing poker, I’m connected. Not only can I deal special events at various properties, I have the ability to pick up shifts at other properties between major tournaments.

Additionally, I play poker successfully to supplement my income. This is what I’ll be doing for the last two weeks of September and first week of October. Then it’s off to work at Red Rock for a couple weeks before possibly dealing an event at the Venetian for a month. If the Venetian doesn’t work, I’ll most likely be en route to California to play in a special event (if Jeepers permits it).

I love how certain things are shaping up. Lots of options. Lots of variety. A fantastic adventure.





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