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RiverCat Journal : My Fourth of July

Posted by on July 6, 2014

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Current Venue: Las Vegas, NV
Campground: Thousand Trails

It’s the home stretch at the World Series of Poker.  Starting today, I’ll have just 5 more days to go.  My one day off was the 4th of July, this after a 10 days of consecutive work.  And, as soon as I began to get ambitious and go somewhere to watch fireworks, I got lazy.  I just wanted to unwind here at the campground.

Las Vegas is very unique on the 4th of July in that, besides the 5-6 major displays at various casinos, very impressive displays of the home-made variety are shooting off everywhere!  The flat terrain makes viewing all this possible.   I had the perfect vantage point at the pool as I watched these displays up and down the valley.  From left to right, right to left, and left to right again — fireworks everywhere!

A neighbor invited me over for steaks.  This fit perfectly into my new lazy plan!  And what a marvelous cook.  I had 3 steaks, tomato salad, and cheesy mashed potatoes.  And then the rains came…

Now what are the chances, after the area had been closing in on the record of 151 days without any measurable rainfall, that a half-inch of rain would fall on this particular evening?  Of course the rain didn’t last long, and the fireworks resumed late into the night.

It was an introspective night for me.  As I enter the home stretch of this work engagement, I’m finally getting the sense that I’m “home”, at least for awhile.  I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and I’m really, really looking forward to my new adventure.  As I piece together my more permanent financial game plan the 2nd half of July and August, I’ll have time to enjoy…

1.  The Resort.  Swimming, relaxing, and sports on the clubhouse satellite.

2.  The Casinos.  As my finances become more and more stable, I get to play poker consistently and supplement my income even more.  Additionally I’ll be racking up those “comps” and dine out more at no cost.  (I was also recently informed that I can use my expired badge at The Rio to eat half price at any of the Caesars Resorts.  Yes!)

3.  Working on my Business and Blogs consistently.  Assuming my unemployment benefits will cover me on the weeks I don’t have work, I should have plenty of time to finally get some of my projects in ship-shape.

4.  My Scooter.  I have nearly 400 miles on it, already!  This means I’ve already saved over $150 in gas.  I’ll save at least $300 per month while only paying the $50 installments on it.  And besides the practicality, it’s so much FUN!

5.  My New Devices.  I’ve barely had time to learn what all my new toys can do.  I’m particularly getting to realize how practical and fun tablets are.  The voice control on it is amazing, and it makes it perfect to surf the internet without having to type anything.  Pretty much anything on the internet that requires little typing, the tablet becomes preferable over the laptop.  It’ll be perfect for a lot of fun applications like fantasy football live scoring.

6.  Day Trips.  It’s coming!  I STILL haven’t been to Red Rock Canyon and the Valley of Fire.  I’ll be developing my list over the next couple months as I wait out the heat.

I can go on and on.  This list was just the July and August wave of fun.  It should be a fun 3 years hear.  And you’ll see plenty of my adventures touring the resorts right here.  Check back soon!


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