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RiverCat Journal : My Claim to Fame

Posted by on April 11, 2015

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Okay I’ve met a handful of celebrities. And I may be the only poker player in the world to lose a hand with a royal flush. But my real claim to fame?

I’m probably the only RVer on the planet with silverware in the blackwater tank…

The past couple years I’ve had a little trouble with the kitchen sink stopping up. A couple months ago I found a plastic tub at Wal-Mart that fits the sink perfectly. I use it as a dish soak and then dump the dirty water into the toilet. It’s a great system, and I haven’t had any trouble with the kitchen sink clogging since I’ve been doing this.

But today as I was dumping my dirty dishwater I heard a “clank clank.” It was a fork. Yes, I flushed an eating utensil down the toilet! It’s okay. This is what distinguishes me from other RVers. Or perhaps from any other human being on the planet.

What’s your claim to fame as an RVer? Feel free to e-mail me at and, if it’s truly more interesting than silverware in the toilet, I’ll be sure to mention you in my next post…

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