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RiverCat Journal : Change in Plans!

Posted by on June 29, 2016

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Current Venue: Las Vegas, NV
Campground: Thousand Trails
Recently Updated: Written in Jello

Summer of Disrepair. Everything seems to be falling apart all at once:

  1. Van A/C. It’s shot and has to be completely replaced.
  2. Van Front End. Loose tie rod that my handyman hopefully won’t have too much trouble with.
  3. A/C on 48 Ugly. It trips the circuit usually within an hour or less. I’m being told that it should not be on a GFI breaker because any little surge will set it off. A friend of mine will try to replace it this weekend. 48 is now the Ugliest it’s ever been with an additional window unit installed under emergency conditions by Yours Truly. The mount consists of cardboard, duct tape, a 1 x 2 propped on a chair, and a heavy blanked for insulation. Working 7 days a week, I have no intentions of beautifying prior to just removing the atrocity when the repair is done.
  4. Turn Signal on 48 Ugly. FIXED!
  5. Back Storage Compartment. Won’t open/close properly.
  6. Tires. I clipped a curb one night and took out a huge chunk out of two tire sidewalls and bent the lip of one of my rims. I’ll need to get them looked at. Additionally, my friend Jim Dixon gave me a new set of tires for the rig that I’m going to get replaced on the day of my departure.


It’s very difficult to deal with these matters when I’m working 7 days a week! But I’m the ambitious sort, and I still fully intend to be on the road my first day off — probably July 24th.


A Slight Change in Plans.

A little change in direction. I’ve determined once again that this is not the year to attempt setting up as a vendor in Quartzsite. I have to deal with health issues (vision, skin, chiropractic, kitty issues) and paying off debt for a few more months. Sinking a few grand into this venture with the additional stress of a month-long recruiting trip to Arizona in August was simply wearing me down.

Northern California, here I come! I’m going to start with a 3-day unwind only an hour away in Pahrump. From there I’ll take 4 days to make my way north of Sacramento. There, I’ll stay 4 nights and play poker at a special event at Thunder Valley Casino. Most likely, I’ll end up staying 2 weeks but I’m leaving most of the 5 weeks completely open to do whatever the heck I want!



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