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RiverCat Journal : Pedernales Falls State Park

Posted by on April 23, 2014

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Campground: Spring Branch RV Park
Visiting: Pedernales Falls State Park
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This one’s a must-see!  (Am I in TEXAS)?

 Pedernales Falls State Park, pools

I’m almost ashamed to post pictures of this park because my iphone shots are simply not going to do it justice.  As it were, I forgot to reinstall the battery in my Canon.  This is unfortunate, because the “falls” is actually a long, continuous rock-scrambling haven with an incredibly diverse number of rock formations, tide pools, and a different oasis every few feet!

 Pedernales Falls State Park, oasis

Of course, the rise and fall of the river changes the landscape dramatically.  When the currents rise, you may not have the opportunity to view the little paradise above.  If it’s not completely underwater, you certainly wouldn’t be able to scale the boulders upstream to even come close to it!  So, I feel very fortunate that it’s a dry season so I could find these little treasures.

 Pedernales Falls State Park, teal water

The crazy rock formations you see in the falls are created by many years of swirling waters.   You see a lot of crater-like formations like these…

 Pedernales Falls State Park, crater

Or four-foot deep caverns like this one…

 Pedernales Falls State Park, cavern

I”m going to spare you any more of my iphone photos.  I’m coming back here with the Canon!  In fact, I’m pretty much determined to try to find a way to stay here in Hill Country awhile.  I really, really like the area.

And today was an inspiration!  Why am I stressing out so much about the possibility of staying here a few months at wages just above the poverty level.  I can certainly make more here than I did at Amazon to cover the extra living expenses.  And at my stint at Amazon I proved I could save a little money over that 4-month period (a painfully slow process, but still).  This might be the PERFECT place to lay low.  My humble living here can keep me motivated to get my business going even while I enjoy my surroundings.  Working in Vegas this summer is still a strong consideration, but I’m 70% sold on Texas, now.


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