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RiverCat Journal: My Outdoor Office

Posted by on August 11, 2013

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Current Venue:  Provo, UT
Campground:   Lakeside RV Campground

I knew when I first landed here at Lakeside RV Campground that this was going to be a great place to study and rehearse for my new job training.  I quickly gravitated to a couple spots.  One is this nice, open picnic area about 50 yards from my site that nobody seems to know about except for a very large owl.  It stays shady all day and it’s a really good place to pace and talk to myself.  I usually go there in the morning first-thing, and then sometimes early-evening…

lakeside rv campground, outdoor office

The river is my mid-afternoon spot.  It’s less than 100 yards from my site!  I generally sit here in my lawn chair and rehearse.  As stagnant as this river appears, it is actually loaded with wildlife.  Fish are constantly jumping out of water.  Muskrats and turtles are also common here.  But my favorite is the ducks.  The same little group come visit me every time, and it’s the same routine every day — 6 little females swim up, forage for food under the leaves of the forest floor, and then sleep right next to me!  Then the big male comes along, chases them away from me, and then starts playing this little “ambush game” with me — he sneaks up real close, I point at him, he runs away, and does it again!  If I had the presence of mind, I’d get some video of all this, but I really have my head into my work…

lakeside rv campground, chair

When I go for bike-rides, I’m listening to my training tapes on my headphones.  There’s some beautiful country here, and a really nice bike path that goes along the river for miles…

lakeside rv campground, bike path

lakeside rv campground, mountains

A couple days ago it got windy and threatened to storm.  Of course the Ramblin’ RiverCat was having a great time.  We didn’t get much rainfall but the fallen limbs kept the staff busy for a few hours…

lakeside rv campground, storm

lakeside rv campground, branch

When I was in Southern Utah, a lovely lady that I spent time with game me a few squash.  I had no idea what to do with them at first but, being the chef that I am, I quickly figured it out.  I’ve pretty much had this awesome dish every night this week.  It’s squash grilled in garlic butter with tuna-cheddar melt.  The crunchy and juicy squash perfectly complimented the main course…

lakeside rv campground, squash

I even managed a campfire.  Of course I was working.  I listened to training audios, taking only brief beaks to listen to the crackling of my fire and the owl somewhere in the canopy…

lakeside rv campground, campfire

Despite logging in a lot of hours learning my script, I feel like I’m falling behind a bit.  This has caused a bit of anxiety because I really, really wanted to go to a minor-league baseball game each of the last 3 days.  As I type this, the last home game is getting ready to be played and I’m hoping I can resist the temptation.  It’s a shame I can’t do more sightseeing, but it seems there will be very little real leisure time until September.  I’ll either do some sightseeing in Southern Colorado or head to the Denver area for a poker tournament — depending on finances.

If all goes well with training, I hope to find out that they’re going to set me up with a territory in the South/Central U.S. (from NM to AR) during the spring, and the SouthEast in the fall seasons.  This flip-flop strategy is designed to give me access to nearly the entire country to explore in my off-months every year.  Cross my fingers!

One Response to RiverCat Journal: My Outdoor Office

  1. Pleinguy

    You’re in a nice area. Glad to see you enjoying yourself. Best of luck with your studies; you’ll get it eventually. It will be November before I make it to the southwest. Take care.

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