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RiverCat Journal: Salome, AZ : If Size Matters…

Posted by on August 2, 2012

Where I’m At:  Salome, AZ  (near Quartzsite)
Campground: Black Rock RV Village


Limping into Arizona with a Bang

Despite the ongoing recovery of my twisted knee, I couldn’t delay my trip. It even seemed I might get through the day without any incident or difficulty.

But the trouble began when I was unhitching. The ball hitch got stuck. So what did the sometimes impatient Rookie RiverCat do? I bounced on the bumper a little to see if I could jar it loose. And it did

Imagine my surprise and horror when the tongue snapped loose so hard that the entire front end of my home reared up as far as it could — and then came crashing back down!

The weight of the tongue was bending the crank shaft at a precarious angle but, when a neighbor came to the rescue with a floor jack, the shaft straightened up and there appeared to be little damage.

Lesson : Lubricate the hitch occasionally. (Oh, and don’t be an idiot).


Going BIG

Ok, I’m fairly new at this, but is this site HUGE?!

Black Rock RV Village, van
black rock rv village, scooter


What a terrific park! Did I mention how spacious my site is?!  A few snapshots…


black rock rv village, park

black rock rv village, cafe

black rock rv village, bench

black rock rv village, pool


black rock rv village, library
black rock rv village, rec center


If you’re a regular resident here, it’s pretty much a requirement to own a 4-wheeler or golf cart.


black rock rv village, 4-wheeler


Get this:  Many of these parks have annual rates that come out to a little over $100 per month!  For as little as 12k you can own a nice little pad with a huge porch and then pay next to nothing to live in a nice resort with BLM public lands in your backyard…








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