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The Uphill Battle : The First Break of 2013

Posted by on December 11, 2013

Financial Situation : Serious
Current Work : Amazon Fulfillment
Job Ends : January 30th?
Next Job : None Scheduled

Whew!  Buying another month here is HUGE.  Amazon extended an optional 30 days to campers.  So, one more month of free rent and at least a small income.  This is big in so many ways:

A.  I can add around a thousand dollars more to my savings.

B.  It will sustain me another month.

C.  Poker.  I have enough money now to start playing more small-stakes poker and supplementing my income.  I don’t anticipate much overtime in January so, for the most part I should have 3 days off per week to focus on my game, again.  I may even have enough mid-January to up the ante a bit and supplement my income even more.

D.  Repairs.  With the cold weather I was worried I wouldn’t have enough time with my friend Mick to fix up 48 Ugly.  As it turns out, he’s staying through January, too!  A huge weight off my mind.

E.  Sightseeing.  Things will definitely get more laid back, here.  I’m looking forward to a nice Christmas (perhaps a 2-day trip to Tulsa to watch movies and play poker) and some more sightseeing.  I would like to check out the Brown Mansion, Little House on the Prairie, dine out a couple times, and visit more of the small towns in the area.

F.  A nice place to finish out the football season.  It seems appropriate.  This is Chief and Bronco country — and they are neck-and-neck in their division.  I’d like to watch them play each other someplace special in the playoffs while I enjoy my 49ers knock off the Seahawks en route to a Super Bowl victory over Kansas City.  I’m betting I’ll be staying at a casino RV Park down the road on Super Bowl Sunday.

G.  Use this Amazon experience as more motivation to spend quality internet time at the library and coffee shops to get my business off the ground, again.


In a previous post I mentioned I may be heading south.  This changes the scenario slightly.  If I don’t hear about my promotion at my summer job by February, Nebraska may be my best bet after a couple weeks playing poker in Oklahoma (south).

If I get good word about the promotion in the next few weeks, I’ll head south and take things week by week.  I was speaking to a co-worker about an RV Resort in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico that sounds absolutely dreamy at $190 per month…

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