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Before The Journey

Are you an aspiring full-timer wondering what it takes to live this incredible lifestyle?  For some of us, it’s a leap of faith.  I’m not retired.  I had no pension, disability, 401k, nor the savings.  I took an incredible risk because it was “time.”  This is how it all began.

The thing I find strange about blogs is that they’re chronologically backwards.  I feel it would be fun sometimes to read about someone’s journey from beginning to present.  The following posts are in chronological order.  Enjoy!

In Pursuit of the Dream Lifestyle

Not Your Typical Full-Timer

Ok, Here’s My Story…

The Maiden Voyage

Grinding it out in Reno

Making a Living on the Road

Jeepers!  My Toughest Decision

So, It’s Complicated, But Here’s the Plan

My Home

Home Improvement Pt. 1 and Timeline

Surrendering (A Little)

Waiting For the Dust to Settle

Las Vegas

Return from Vegas

Fake it Til Ya Make It

Unthinkable Considerations

New Floors!

Workamping for Singles?

New Departure Date

Strange Night in Reno

The Wood Box

Outhouse Races and Nature Walk

Chance Meeting

A Trip to Candlestick Park


Modified Skirting and New TV Mount

Ghost Hunt Pt. 1

Ghost Hunt Pt. 2

Merry Christmas!  It’s Been Awhile…

Holidays in Rural Illinois Pt. 1

Holidays in Rural Illinois Pt. 2


THE “TIMECLOCK” SERIES:  With the pressure of figuring out how to make ends meet on The Ultimate Journey, I introduced a daily report and breakdown of my daily activities.  Some of these posts simply wouldn’t be interesting to most readers, so I’ve omitted them from this table of contents.  Here are the more interesting posts in “The Countdown.”

TimeClock : 73 : Here We Go Again!

TimeClock : 71 : Tough Times at the Asylum

TimeClock : 65 : Home Improvement

TimeClock : 63 : A Little Decorating

TimeClock : 59 : A Little More Panic

TimeClock : 53 : Roadside Assistance Relief

TimeClock : 51 : Backup Camera

TimeClock : 49, 48 : Unemployed!

TimeClock : 47 : Options

TimeClock : 12 : It’s Official!

TimeClock : 11 : Storage

TimeClock : 10 : Insurance is Exciting!

TimeClock : 9 : A Little Discouraged

TimeClock : 8 : This Week’s Forecast

TimeClock : 7 : Beat Up

TimeClock : 6 : A Little Color

TimeClock : 5 : TR-3

TimeClock : 4 : Leaf Springs

TimeClock : 3 : Transmission

TimeClock : 2 : Uncertainty

TimeClock : 1 : Time Out for Poker

TimeClock : 0 : Home Stretch!