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The Uphill Battle : Tulsa, Kansas City, Omaha

Posted by on November 20, 2013

Financial Situation : Critical
Current Work : Amazon Fulfillment
Job Ends : December 23rd
Next Job : None Scheduled

Well, what better time to begin my new series than tonight.  In the middle of my “Jewel of Coffeyville” post, I spent nearly an hour trying to reconnect.  This, after making a special trip to library to spend hours catching up on the internet.  I’m now at McDonald’s with not much better luck.

I spent the day researching climates and lodging at nearby potential work destinations : Tulsa, Kansas City, and Omaha.  Campgrounds are pricey in Tulsa and KC while Omaha is not even a possibility with the harsh temperatures in the winter months.  However, Nebraska is still in the running if the job I’m looking at is as profitable as it seems — I’d have to park 48 Ugly and stay at weekly/monthly hotels until I can pick her up again.  It’s a gloomy prospect but one with potential — a good-paying job with schedule flexibility and a poker room across the river.

About poker.  I have to play soon.  It could get me out of this bind.  It certainly did when I began this Journey. ( I’d already be in ruins if it weren’t for the $7000 I made the first 6 weeks of this trip two years ago.  I would never even have been able to stretch my dollar long enough to even work the World Series in Vegas!  That was in Redding, California — where I turned my initial $300 investment into 7k).  The trick here is that Amazon is barely sustaining my meager savings and I can ill-afford any losses at the moment.  Perhaps now that overtime is starting to kick in, I can justify my risk.  If I can risk $150 this month it would be worth it I can turn it into $1000   The other challenge is costs.  I’m nearly 40 miles from low buy-in/low return type games.  I’m 60-80 miles from places with some real earning potential.  It may be a situation where if I have a decent day in Bartlesville, I can justify the gas to someplace like Tulsa.

If there is good news right now, it’s this.  An old client is in touch about a conference I used to staff every year.  Also, Kitchen Craft is on board with my idea of doing presentations at campgrounds rather than trade shows for awhile.  Both good — but both comes with a bit of additional stress in that I’m behind on preparation and have no money to travel with to get to these destinations.  I’ll deal with it as it comes…

The conference in Dallas isn’t until late April or May.  With Kitchen Craft I may be able to take weekend trips to the campgrounds from wherever I’m working — a safe way to test the waters.

Ok, enough for now…


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