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The Uphill Battle : Just a Feeling…

Posted by on November 29, 2013

Financial Situation : Serious
Current Work : Amazon Fulfillment
Job Ends : December 23rd
Next Job : None Scheduled

Everything’s up in the air and as confusing as ever.   But it “feels like” I’m heading south to seek employment.

The job in Nebraska took a strange turn real fast.  My first contact seemed to “get” my lifestyle and gave me no indication that I’d have to drive 700 miles round-trip for an interview.  My second contact was a lady that seemed frustrated at the notion that I couldn’t zip over for a group interview on short notice and the vibe felt as if I were a flake and non-committal.

An extension at Amazon seems quite possible, but this is pending a possible deal-breaker — having to pay $480 rent.  In the event I stay on til February, I might consider a weekend trip to the Omaha area to interview and play a little poker.  (Right now it’s not possible as I gather as much overtime as I can).

As I start to play a little poker, I’ll keep an eye out for potential casino jobs.

I just get this funny feeling I’ll be spending time in Oklahoma and/or Texas this year. Just a feeling…

2 Responses to The Uphill Battle : Just a Feeling…

  1. Sandie

    Sure hope things start working out for you one way or the other. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving Day.

  2. Pleinguy

    For sure you need to consider the total cost of any move. Think about what will be doable, and will also make you happy. Not much point in this lifestyle if you can’t manage it to your liking. That said, I hope you find the right combination to continue your adventure. Take care and have a happy holiday season.

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