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RiverCat Journal : Urban Traveler

Posted by on August 25, 2012

Current Venue:  Tempe, AZ (Phoenix Area)
Campground: Tempe Travel Trailer Villa

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During the years leading up to The Ultimate Journey I envisioned rural campsites, campfires, tourists, and hiking trails.  I knew, of course, I’d have an occasional work stint where I’d be in a more urban setting.  I figured my Las Vegas summer job was the only one that would ever keep me more than one month, however.  I’m already 90% decided I’ll take another month here when September 10th rolls around.  Why?

1.  I really like it here.  While my park is somewhat no-frills, I’m in a very unique area with ample shopping, restaurants,  and a terrific gym nearby.  I get in a very meditative state during my morning swims at the pool and listen to the cling-clang of the light rail nearby.  I’m comfortable, relaxed.
2.  With no employment lined up this fall, I’m challenging myself to survive as a player in a venue that’s as tough as any.  If I meet my financial goals this month and next, I can leave Phoenix with a new confidence that I can make it again as a poker player.
3.  I want to make some purchases in October.  At the top of my list are video camera sunglasses, a bicycle, a ladder, repair Crash-Test Dummy (my scooter), and a possible brake job for Memphis Red (the van).
4.  It’s a busy time for sports.  While my baseball Cardinals are making a run for the playoffs, my 49ers will hopefully start the season 5-0.  I’m very excited about both prospects and am eager to get my head into fantasy football, as I suspect I’ve put together a very good team.  I also want to catch an Arizona Cardinal game mid-September.
5.  I survived the August heat here in Phoenix — how about enjoying the palm trees in September?

There you have it.  I’m an urban traveler at the moment — just slowing down the pace again so I can be better prepared for the next leg of The Journey.  I anticipate a short rural excursion in New Mexico before I work a bit more in Albuquerque.  Then another rural adventure in Texas before I’m back to work in Oklahoma.  Who knows?  Perhaps by winter my financial condition will allow me to take a week or two off somewhere at a remote Arkansas campground with a real campfire before it’s off to work in Tunica, Mississippi.

The adventure at the moment is poker.  Phoenix is the ultimate test-run for poker before I have to force myself to search for other work “gigs” right away.  My posts this month have been less frequent due to my focus on this project.  But as things cool off and I begin to relax, I anticipate  a few more day trips in October…


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