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RiverCat Journal: Stranded in the Delta : Feedblitz

Posted by on April 13, 2012

I’m stranded in Lodi, California for a week — waiting on a part for the van.  More on that in one of my other posts today…

And that brings me to the purpose of this short post.  It’s about Feedblitz.  Those of you who subscribe to it have mentioned that on several occasions you did not receive e-mail notifications when I made a post.  That’s because in the past I would occasionally “pre-date” a post so it would appear on the day it actually happened.  Well, this apparently doesn’t register with the feed, so I’m going to try to avoid pre-dating as much as possible.

That said, as much as I would have liked to pre-date the post, “Damage Report” so that it precluded a more positive post about my day trip last night, they are both coming out today.  As well as this memo explaining that.  Yes, 3 posts in one day.  Enjoy!


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