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RiverCat Journal: Spinning My Wheels

Posted by on May 14, 2012

Current Venue:  Las Vegas, NV
Campground: Riviera RV Park

This last week I’ve been laying pretty low.  I’m attempting to find some direction with my vast array of projects and business ideas.  I’m trying to figure out which ones I should put the most energy into this summer while I’m working.  I even went so far as to put each idea (there are 12) on separate note cards and then “rate” each one with an elaborate point system I devised.  I’d rate 5 different criteria:

1.  Timeline.  How long it should take to generate an income from the idea.
2.  Potential.  An estimate on what kind of income I could earn.
3.  Travel Freedom.  How many “gigs” and destinations would limit my ability to go where I want, when I want.
4.  Workload.  How many hours per week would I be tied down?
5.  Certainty.  On a percentage guess, how certain am I the idea would generate an income?

I then assigned a 3-2-1 rating to each category and tallied the results.  I’m afraid it didn’t clear matters up much.  My winner was a 12.  I then had a 7-way tie for second place earning 11 points each, followed by three 10’s.  I’m going to have delve deeper into this complex puzzle…


I’ve won only a few hundred playing poker in Vegas thus far and am in the middle of another break — this time 4 days.  Despite devising a list of things to do during my off-time, I find myself rather lethargic at the moment.

I recently purchased a large laminated U.S. wall map and slapped in on the ceiling above my bed.  I really, really love it.  I wake up to it every morning and brainstorm.  I quickly discovered a major flaw in my interim plan to deal summers in Vegas and January/February in Mississippi.  It simply won’t work!  It would limit me only to the central portion of the country and not permit me to stray too far east or north.  This revelation inspires me even more to get my business(es) off the ground.  Another option is to deal 2-3 smaller events (instead of the WSOP in Vegas) in areas that give me more travel flexibility — perhaps in New Orleans, Oklahoma, and Florida all in the spring.

Studying the map even further, I realized that the western 1/3 is mountains.  I’m not quite out of the woods yet!  Would I have another challenge like Baker Grade on the way to Vegas?  If so, that could spell disaster with my current tow vehicle.  Would I really have to figure out a way to buy a new truck with more power and torque?  (‘Torque is a new concept I just learned.  It’s the ability to generate more power in the lower gears, giving you more momentum after having to slow down.  I need more torque).

But then I got out my Mountain Directory West and did some studying.  Baker Grade was 6% for over 10 miles uphill.  I barely made it, but if logic serves me right, I can sort of multiply the 6 times the 10 and come up with a score of 60.  I then exercised the same logic on the grades that I’d encounter in Southern Nevada and Arizona (once into New Mexico it appears to be smooth sailing).  None of them came even close to that score — I think I’ll be just fine.  And that’s a huge relief.

I don’t have cable here at the campground.  I picked up 8 channels on the antenna, FIVE were Spanish!  (Give me a break).  That left 3, but one was CW-Las Vegas, which seemed to only have only shopping-network type shows in the morning and garbage television the rest of the day — ie Judge Judy and your basic angry trash talk-type shows.  I deleted that as well.  That leaves two:  Country Music Television an “THIS” ( a movie channel of the mostly old and mostly forgotten flicks).

I get stir-crazy at times.  I do enjoy the pool in the evenings when I get tired of my spinning wheels.  Perhaps after I make some sort of mental breakthrough, I can even go out there and put together a nice poker run  before I begin the grind in 12 days…


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