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RiverCat Journal : RV Dreamers

Posted by on January 23, 2013

Current Venue:  Tempe, AZ (Phoenix Area)
Campground: Tempe Travel Trailer Villa

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The first full-timer blog I ever followed was RV-Dreams Journal.  I figured I’d probably run into Howard and Linda at some point — but not my rookie season!  We met at Starbucks in downtown Tempe.  Busy couple!  They’re using Phoenix as sort of an airport hub as they fly out and teach a couple seminars.  I just happened to catch wind of this when I visited with Linda in the chatroom last night.  Next thing you know, we’re sitting across from each other very next day…

Their enthusiasm for full-timing is undying.  It seems they never have any plans of settling down.  I kind of seeing myself retiring to Lake Tahoe in about 20 years when I’m rich — and doing a bit of international travel.

Often times I wonder if I’m focusing on too many different moneymaking endeavors.  The last I counted it was 17 different possible streams of income, and it seems I’m not making money at any of them at the moment.  But Howard and Linda are all about multiple streams of income.  They confirmed that it’s the right way to go, even though it may take time and patience to figure it all out.  I do feel I need to focus my energies on fewer things at one time, however — and perhaps select one mobile employment opportunity, one mid-level income self-employment opportunity, and one million-dollar long-shot opportunity at a time.  But I bet I’m “sorta” on the right track…

We also talked about the advantages and total freedom of dry-camping and the possibility that 48 Ugly* has a small holding tank and that I may have to get creative when I someday venture into boondocking.

Towing, wildlife, budgeting…we discussed quite a bit.  I’m very grateful Howard and Linda took time out of their busy day to sit with me.  We may meet again soon if I can make it down to Quartzsite for their boondocking rally.

For the next few days I’ll be laying low, however.  Aside from a last-chance effort with the tour guide project this weekend, I’ll be staying in until I get back to work in February.



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