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RiverCat Journal: Merry Christmas! It’s Been Awhile…

Posted by on December 25, 2011

It’s Christmas morning, 12 degrees, and my water’s frozen.  Is there a better time to sit down and blog?

Well I’ve seen other bloggers do it…”It’s been awhile since my last post…”  So, I guess it’s my turn.  Everyone needs to take a break, I suppose.  Here are my excuses:

1.  I’m expending my energies on brainstorming and starting new projects.  One of my latest developments was contacting an old client about providing services for a conference in May.  It wasn’t long before I was sending her  a quote and being forced to push forward and select a business name (I’d closed my old one 3 years ago).  The challenge was choosing a business name that would be appropriate for several different non-related services I plan to offer in the future.  I think I’ve finally settled on one, and I plan to register it, and open banking and merchant accounts next week.

I”m also trying to devise a schedule to begin a couple more blogs.  Wow!  Less than 100 days to do all this!

2.  The Blues.  I’m not a sunny-day kind of guy — particularly long strings of cold, sunny days.  I’ve been battling depression in large part to this.  It’s 40 degrees by day, 10 degrees by night.  It’s been like this for a month!  This has led to a lot of days where I’m simply unproductive.  But there’s good news.  This experience has led me to the realization that sunlight has always had a negative impact on my workspace, and I can remedy this in my next home improvement project!

3.  Anxiety, Bad Diet, and More Blues.  I really am going through a strange period.  I’m less than 100 days from departure and I get down on myself when I consider how unprepared I may be.  This has a lot to do with my savings taking a hit each month.  Some of this has been completely out of my control (60% pay cut at work, on-line poker rooms where I was making $40/hour shut down), but I also blame myself a lot for not doing the “responsible” thing and cancelling a couple vacations in light of these circumstances.  But I couldn’t do it.  I’m the Ramblin’ RiverCat, after all — I have to wander!

Worrying about my savings and lack of production lately has also led to bad diet.  This, of course, has perpetuated a vicious cycle of feeling bad, even less production, more self-loathing, leading to more bad diet…

This last trip to California really put me in a funk.  I feel as if I’m being forced to let go of an old friend — poker.  I played poker for a living for nearly 5 years before landing here in Reno.  These days, I only have time to play sparingly, usually on trips.  This year I’ve taken 3 trips, and came back poorer for each effort!  Is this a sign that poker won’t be a part of The Ultimate Journey?  Or is the universe simply trying to tell me I have too much to do right now?  It’s difficult to imagine the former.  I intend to zig and zag my way down California for two months next April and May — a very poker-rich portion of our nation — and then work for two months in Vegas.  Can I really let go of the game if I need to?  Would my craving for adventure be satisfied?



1.  Only 3 more months!  And it’s really perfect.  As much as I fret about it, all I have to do is remind myself that if I don’t manage to pull off The Ultimate Journey on a permanent basis; I can at least buy myself a year, settle into full-time work again while I tweak my businesses, and then take off and do it right the next time.  It’ s not as if I’m taking a huge risk and giving up a terrific job — quite the contrary!

2.  Home Improvements.  Due to my financial circumstances, I’ve had little done to the rig lately. A couple days ago we were able to fix the rims on my scooter, however.  The front tire does still seem to have a slow leak, but that can probably be remedied with some “stuff.”  We were also able to get a tail light cover to stay on reasonably well and tighten the mirrors.  It’s beginning to look like less of a wreck than before…

I’m really excited about the next project, though.  I’m having my handyman replace the bedroom ceiling with wood panels to give it a “cabin” feel.  Originally, I was going to do the whole trailer, but instead I’m going to have these blasted curtains replaced with some light-repelling shades in my office/kitchen area.  No more sunroom!

3.  Organize, organize!  I feel like I’m going to have  a great week leading up to my holiday vacation in Illinois (Dec. 31 – Jan. 10).  Assuming the home improvement project goes as planned, I intend to have it all set up for hermitage.  No more trips, no more eating out for 3 months!  I only intend on going to work, the gym, and the grocery store.

My space is coming along nicely.  I have plenty to keep me entertained on my breaks now.  I’m really diving into ITunes .  I’m downloading a lot of really cool apps and now have plenty of music on the IPhone now.  It still amazes me I can just dock it and play my music on the surround sound — and it only takes a couple seconds to make a selection!


Well, my water is now working again.  The coffee is kicking in.  I’m going to close today’s post with a couple pictures from my adventure last week.  I was traversing highway 49 in a rural portion of the Sierras when I came across Downieville — a picturesque little town nestled in the mountains with a river running through it.  It may be the coziest, remote little town I’ve ever come across…


Next Story: Holidays in Rural Illinois Pt. 1






One Response to RiverCat Journal: Merry Christmas! It’s Been Awhile…

  1. Pleinguy

    Difficulties and set-backs are all part of the challenge to creating the new life. So long as you keep at it the goal will eventually be reached. I too am slowly moving in the direction of full-time RVing, and have been for a couple of years. Your reports are encouraging, and I hope you continue to share your adventure with us. Best of luck!

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