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RiverCat Journal: Long Distance Traveler

Posted by on March 10, 2012

Current Venue:  Redding, CA
Campground:  Sacramento River RV Park

If anyone had told me I was going to start The Ultimate Journey driving all of 200 miles, then staying put for 5 weeks, I would told them they were crazy.  My original plan was to stay here two nights and then head to the Bay Area for my first long-term stay.  But all-of-a-sudden I find myself making good money.  If all continues to go well, my extended stay here could ultimately give me just the cushion I need to feel more comfortable with my financial situation.  (I hope to make back 7 weeks worth of lost wages in just 2 weeks time).

So, I got a monthly rate today.  I’m settling in.  The timing is perfect.  I have the trade show in Reno in a few weeks which will coincide with my stay — and I can just leave the trailer here.  As a first-time exhibitor, I was a bit uneasy about the distraction of full-time travel interfering with the preparations for the show.  Now my primary focus can be on two things — poker and trade show.  Secondary, getting accepted as a World Series dealer and getting back to a gym.

After my Reno (and possibly Vegas) trip, I’ll know better what my plans are.  By then I should know when/if I need to report to Vegas for work this summer.  I’ll also know if I should starting booking more trade shows for the fall.  Regardless, I’ll be coming back here to Redding to hitch up for the next leg of the Journey!  This unexpected extended-stay pit stop is really going to help me transition nicely.


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