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RiverCat Journal: Las Vegas, NV : Laid Up

Posted by on July 29, 2012

Current Venue:  Las Vegas, NV
Campground: Riviera RV Park


Oops!  I did it, again.  I wrecked the scooter.


Last Year…

I was cutting across a vacant parking lot on the way to work when I spotted an RV for sale and let my curiosity get the best of me. As I made a bee-line towards it I had a head-on collision with a somewhat concealed curb that had once been a lamppost island.

Both the scooter and I suffered multiple injuries, the worst of which were deep bruises in both wrists and busted rims on the scooter.


Wednesday Night : A Nasty Spill

Me and these curbs…

I was weaving my way to the Stratosphere when I made a left-hand turn onto a most bizarre little street. I was in the far-left lane when I noticed markings that it was for buses only. I moved to the right — also a bus lane! The far right lane was separated by white-dashed lines. Only they weren’t lines at all…

They were little 2-inch high medians.



I hit the curb at 30+ miles an hour at a very bad angle. I landed hard on my left side and tumbled down the street behind my spinning scooter. Upon dusting myself off and taking a quick inventory, I was pleased to find all my parts intact and operational.

Pieces of my scooter were all over the place and, when I located my iPhone, I found that it had been smashed but still operational.  In fact, I suspect the my phone provided me a cushion and saved me from breaking my hip upon impact.



By this time I was blocking a procession of cars as the leader of the pack stopped and asked if I was ok.  I assured her I was and, incredibly, picked the (250-pound?) bike up off the pavement and tossed it a good 4 feet onto the sidewalk!  I was still running on adrenaline.

As I collected myself and the adrenaline started wearing off a bit, I could feel my knee throbbing.  Uh oh.  I decided it was time to get the scooter home real quick and examine my injuries.

The scooter wasn’t quite right.  Something in on the rear end seemed misaligned and I soon discovered that half of my right brake lever was missing as I lodged a small fragment of it into my hand.  But I made it home.

When I got off the bike though, my right knee gave way  sideways and sent a sharp pain up and down my leg. Oh no.  I simply cannot afford medical bills right now.


An hour after I went to bed I knew I had problems.  I was completely immobilized.  Every little micro-movement produced an unbearable screaming pain throughout my entire leg.


Thursday : My Own Brand of Intuitive Physical Therapy

By morning it was even worse — I couldn’t walk.  Every time I either moved or shifted a tiny bit, I had to stabilize my calf and knee with my hands and physically lift them.  If I made even a tiny wrong move, I’d startle Jeepers with an abrupt scream.

Despite a seemingly serious injury, my stubbornness would not allow me to get myself to a hospital. I don’t have health insurance.

I considered the possibilities:  Either I tore a ligament and required medical attention at some point OR I severely twisted  it and might eventually work it back in place.  I decided to hold off on the ER visit for a couple days and hope for the best.



I convinced my only friend in Vegas, Aaron, to swing by and consolidate my living space so that I could reach everything from the bed. He even cleaned out my shower/storage so that I could take baths. I don’t know how I could have done it without him!



The rest of the day I spent icing, resting, trying to find any sort of comfortable position, and seeing if I could use my body intuition so I could start my own brand of physical therapy.  By late afternoon, I did discover something — my leg seemed to like being slowly rotated inward.  So, I kept doing that.


Friday : Hydrotherapy

My condition was still pretty miserable in the morning.  However, I was able to make my coffee right here in bed — and that’s pretty darn cool if you ask me.  I continued to carefully rotate my leg from time to time and found it was popping noticeably more, definitely in a good way.  My bath was a success. I then watched movies all day.

By afternoon I could put a tiny bit of pressure on my leg!  It wasn’t comfortable in the least, but not unbearable.  I worked my way to the kitchen a couple times and began wondering how soon I could get outside, to the scooter ironically, so I could get up to the clubhouse pool.  I’ve been dreaming a lot about that hot tub and was thinking some hydrotherapy could definitely speed along my recovery.

By evening I could stand it no longer.  I gingerly made my way onto the scooter and, ultimately, the pool!  It was awesome.  I let the jets work my entire leg over and then rotated it to it’s full range of motion as well as some gentle leg kicks.  Therapy, without a doubt.


Saturday : POP!!!

Better!  I can still only walk a short distance but I know I’m on the road to recovery, now.  That’s all I need to know!

I still can’t take a shower because I can’t get to my lower extremities but, just a couple more days.  The first priority after the bath was a soak at the pool.  Then more rest.


Jeepers… Always a Great Help


I decided to take my exercises to a new extreme.  While watching a movie, I intuitively found a peculiar position by rolling over on my left side, propping my knee high and my ankle low.  It’s a very twisted position and very uncomfortable for my contorted back, but I actually fell asleep.

I was awoken by a very loud “POP!”  I mean, it was louder than any chiropractic adjustment I’d ever had, and very startling.  I was almost certain I had BROKE my knee!

But then it felt good.  Very good. It seems it was merely dislocated I managed to pop it back in.

What a relief.




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