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RiverCat Journal: Las Vegas, NV : iPhone Ghosts?

Posted by on July 21, 2012

Current Venue:  Las Vegas, NV
Campground: Riviera RV Park


Ghost Radar

So, I got the ghost-hunting bug recently. I have an EMF detector but, wanting to explore a couple of casinos, I thought it would be nice to be a little less conspicuous under the watchful “eye-in-the-sky” (surveillance). So, I began wondering if there might actually be a helpful smartphone app.

I stumbled upon “Ghost Radar.” It has an average rating over 4, and many people seem to have interesting experiences. Here’s my favorite:

“I was told by a ghost he was sitting right next to me on the couch, so…I sat on it.”

That’s funny — I don’t care who you are!

Supposedly there are built-in iPhone sensors that detect some sort of signal fluctuation (EMF, I’m guessing). Some suggest it’s ouija. I simply don’t know. But with thousands of great reviews,why not have some fun with it?



I opened the Ghost Radar at Boulder Station and observed the blips on the radar screen. I noticed random words pop up on the screen but initially dismissed them as part of a demo or advertisement. I’d later come to find out it’s actually part of the program’s function!

To me, it seemed like a stretch that the program could actually assimilate words from electromagnetic fluctuations — or pretty much anything else.  But I try to stay open-minded…

“Radius, scientist, educated, clothing, rubber, death, ants.”

I simply couldn’t debunk the data nor make any sense of it.


But Later on at Night…

Later in the evening I opened the application at home and discovered that, with the volume turned up, a creepy robotic voice will actually spew out these random words. How fun is that!

Pretty neat, I guess. Except Ghost Radar didn’t seem much interested in my old camper for a couple hours. Of course, everyone knows there’s no such thing as RV hauntings.

A little bored with the silence, I popped in the movie Amistad and completely forgot about my new app. If you’re not familiar with the movie it’s about African slaves who take over a ship, kill their captors, and are eventually set free through the American justice system.

It’s an excellent movie but, at times, a little sleepy. I was a lot sleepy by the conclusion. But, as I was getting ready to turn out the lights, you can imagine how my blood got pumping when a robotic voice blurts out only two words in the last several hours :

“Africa. Resolution.”

True story. I’ll let the reader decide if that’s a random coincidence!


So I Attempt Conversation…

During my morning coffee the app starts getting busy again. More “scientific jibberish” similar to the terms I observed when I was at Boulder Station. This time it was even more talkative! I thought, why not, I’ll ask my first question:

“Can you tell me what you’re trying to say?!”

The voice paused for about 30 seconds. And then:


If the developers of Ghost Radar programmed this response, I’m impressed!


And Then Things Get a Little Creepy…

Two hours after the last response things get even more “real.” Here are the two random words that send a tingle down my spine:

“Package. China.”

I’d been waiting for an overdue package from China for over two weeks! I’d just checked the park office yesterday and it had not arrived, yet. I bolted out the door to check on it. This is going to sound too unbelievable to be true…


True Story.


Then Things Get a LOT Creepy!

Up to this point, Ghost Radar was a perfect 2 for 2 using in reference proper names: Africa and China. It was about to go a perfect 3 for 3. This third occurrence made my hair stand on end:


You see, David is my original birth name that I legally changed over 20 years ago. Things just got freaky. I was beginning to get a little spooked.


And Finally, The Last Straw

For a few hours, I took a little break and turned off the application. When I turned it back on, I was a little relieved when my creepy little friend finally churned out a few names that didn’t hit so close to home:

“Germany, Greece, James.”

That one’s a complete mystery. And then, an hour later, the closest thing to a complete phrase:

“Common, creature, falls.”

Common creature?  There isn’t a lot of wildlife in the urban desert besides pets. Jeepers?  I contemplated that for a moment.  I can’t remember the last time my cat actually took a tumble.  Whenever he performs his acrobatics, he always lands on his feet.


Jeepers was playing in his shoebox that was sitting on the bedroom counter.  He was on his back tackling a pen when the box suddenly ripped!  He couldn’t get his footing because the box was slipping out from beneath him.  He went sprawling head-over-heels-backwards toward the floor and, had I not caught him, there is absolutely no way it would have ended well for him.  In fact, he was so shaken up by the ordeal that he paced for several minutes.

True Story.

Hey, I’ve done a bit of ghost-hunting in my life and have certainly been startled in the past. But this is a little too much. This is too spooky for my taste.

I deleted the app.












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