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RiverCat Journal: Holidays in Rural Illinois, Pt. 1

Posted by on January 7, 2012

I’m currently enjoying a belated Christmas visit with family in Central Illinois.   My baby sister picked me up late Sunday night.  Her family greeted me with a homemade “Welcome Home” sign and a much-anticipated triple order of hash browns at Waffle House.  (Why doesn’t the West Coast get on board with greasy breakfast joints)?

Monday:  My sister Mary and niece Lissa take me to a horse stable where they volunteer every week.  It was extremely cold, but well worth the trouble.  I learned what a curry brush was for, got to walk the horses, and was quite impressed how my 11-year-old niece handled these large animals.


My parents then met us for dinner and took me to their house.  I’m thankful I got to drive part of the way after my parents revealed how long it took them to make the hour journey to Quincy (a lot longer than 1 hour).  The next couple days we only really got to visit in the late evening for a bit.  We were all pretty busy during the day.  I managed to get quite a bit done at various coffee shops and squeeze in a bit of reminiscing in my home town and nearby Springfield.

Thursday afternoon I drove to my sister Valerie’s house played with my nieces.  I then had a brief exercise in futility in a poker tournament in nearby Burlington, Iowa.  Yesterday we took a field trip to visit another stable…


Incredibly, I still don’t have a picture of the latest addition, Eli!  I’ll have to get caught up tomorrow at “Christmas” when I also get to see my brother’s first child.

Much of today is going to be getting caught up on my homework and watching football while the girls do such things as girl scouts and birthday parties.  Tomorrow is Christmas, football, and bad dieting.  Monday we’ll visit Cahokia Mounds on the way to the St.Louis airport.


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