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RiverCat Journal : Chico, CA : Day Trip Race on 99

Posted by on April 3, 2012

Current Venue:  Redding, CA
Campground:  Sacramento River RV Park

Day Trip:  Chico, CA and Highway 99


Poker Pit Stop

Jeepers gets about 4-5 hours on medication before he wakes up and becomes an absolute terror (nothing short of ripping his nails out on his kennel). And, even though the drive is less than 3 hours from Sacramento to Redding, I knew I might spend close to 2 hours at the poker club in Chico. I had to time this perfectly.

And I did. At exactly the two-hour mark, I’d put together a nice win and hit the road.



Despite my race against time, Highway 99 was still a real treat.  It’s a spacious, easy-going drive through a rich agricultural area.  Hundreds and hundreds of orchards.  I don’t know what it is, but seeing these perfectly spaced rows of trees seem magical somehow — like you just want to become a child again and play hide-and-seek.

I wish I could have taken some photos of these blossoming plants or even inquired at one of the fruit stands to find out if these orchards were producing the walnuts the area was famous for. But I had no time to spare…

Because I have a cat. I’m a travelin’ man with a motion-sick cat.

(Is this destined to become a major motion-picture, or what)!




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