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RiverCat Journal : Graveyard Shift at the Factory — Really?!

Posted by on October 15, 2013

Current Venue: Coffeyville, KS
Campground:   Buckeye Mobile Estates

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It’s been a challenging week at Amazon.  I’m mostly struggling with the overnight sleep cycle.  I also get an uneasy feeling my particular shift won’t see much overtime until I leave town during peak season– I may be wrong about this.  I haven’t worked for a straight hourly wage since I was a teenager.  It amazes me how all these full-timers invest so much money to work for such a small wage.  I know two incomes, free lot rent, and the suggested overtime may be worthwhile if you already have a pension or savings.  It still makes me scratch my head, though — especially when I see them roll in here in their nice $150,000 rigs.

The good news is my foot seems to be getting better.  Slowly.  Thankfully my job is “stowing” rather than “picking”, which is about 10-15 miles of walking every day.  So, once I get used to the graveyard shift, I think it will be very doable.

I spent a little time fishing in my back yard this week…


And haven’t caught a thing.  Although yesterday, when I switched to bait, I finally hooked a big fish — only to have the line snap when I got it close to shore.  The plan was to fish a bit today, on my last day off, but it was a little wet…


So, I’ve been brainstorming.  Mostly about backup plans.  While I’m in wait-and-see mode with my summer-job promotion and a January job near Memphis — if one or both of those fall through, I have to seriously consider getting full-time employment for awhile as I finish my training with Kitchen Craft.  I suspect I won’t get on the road with them until fall.

Sometimes I just want to fast-forward.  With the all-too-familiar theme of having more expenses than income I want to fast-forward to the fun times of being a full-time RVer minus the financial worries.  You know, when I have to correct people who say things like, “You’re so lucky…”

But there are also times when I’m able to enjoy the moment, as well.  Like the pitter-patter of rain on the roof…

One Response to RiverCat Journal : Graveyard Shift at the Factory — Really?!

  1. Pleinguy

    Hope everything works out so you can stay on the road. There’s still time to figure it out. Keep the antenna up and watch for what feels right. Best of luck at the current gig.

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