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RiverCat Journal: Ghost Hunt: Part 2

Posted by on November 6, 2011

This post actually covers 3 days worth of mini-adventures.  Rather than break them up into separate posts, I’ll just add to it, daily…

Saturday afternoon:  My EMF detector arrived Friday afternoon but Karen couldn’t meet with me until Sunday.  I just couldn’t wait any longer, however.  I scanned some blogs and found a few haunts in Reno, including one nearby — The Peppermill Casino and Resort.  Someone had reported (I suspect an employee) that a disembodied voice can be heard there late at night between the 11th and 17th floors.  I decided this would be the first place I’d try out my new toy.

I should preface this by mentioning that I’ve only found two things in my home that sets it off — the microwave and, if you set the detector right on top of one, a magnet.  My computer nor cell phone has this effect.

I kept the unit on as I walked across the casino floor.  Again, despite all the electronics and surveillance equipment, nothing set the unit off. In fact, on the 11th floor, I didn’t get a reading until my 3rd and final corridor.  Finally, at room 1129, the EMF detector lit up!  I backed away from the door to determine the energy wasn’t in the hallway or coming from the room across the hall.  Nope, it was something in room 1129.  It didn’t sound as if anyone was in the room.

On to the 17th floor.  I’d read this is the level that you can feel a presence “watching” you.  I chose the hallway to the left to begin my investigation.  Surprisingly, before I even left the foyer, the unit started beeping!  The first 2-3 rooms in the hallway, the detector continued to go berserk.  I continued down the hall.  Interestingly, every few feet the unit would go off.  Was I being followed?  Making my way back to the foyer, the unit stayed very busy, with the most intense activity again near the entrance to the hallway.  I tested the other two hallways — nothing.  Back to the first corridor — tons of activity.  Interesting!

Okay, I hate mentioning this part.  I’ve been watching a lot of “Ghost Adventures” on The Travel Channel lately, and there’s one guy that simply annoys the heck out of me because he seems so dramatic, always citing, “Dude, I think I’m going to throw up” after a spirit passes through him, which seems to happen regularly.  I’m not one for theatrics.

But I simply can’t omit this part — upon leaving the 17th floor and boarding the elevator, I got very lightheaded.  Even at that point I wasn’t going to mention this.  I thought maybe I was imagining it.  But by the time I reached the 1st floor, it was full-blown nausea.  I even started to gag a little bit.  After walking a few hundred feet, I nearly had to sit down, but decided to tough it out.  By the time I got home the effects subsided, but I didn’t quite feel right for another few hours.

Sunday morning:  Here’s the itinerary.  Later today Karen and I are going to explore some places-of-interest here in Reno.  We’re also heading back to The Peppermill to see if we pick up similar readings on the EMF detector.  Tomorrow, a vacant home that is reportedly haunted.  If I have my stories straight, the previous occupant of this house moved out because of this (I’ll have to have Karen remind me of the history).

But here’s an interesting discovery:  If you read “Ghost Hunt: Part 1”, you might remember that my point-and-shoot died when I tried to take my first photograph in “the crypt.”  I’d tried several times to get it to power up.  My assumption, of course, that despite going to Virginia City with a fully-charged battery, that my battery was drained — completely.

Not so fast.  A little while ago I decided to begin preparations for today’s hunt.  Before I removed the battery from the point-and-shoot to charge it, I thought, “Why not.  Let’s try to turning it on first…”  Guess what.  It powered right up!  Not only did it power up, I had two out of three bars lit up on the battery icon!  I snapped several pictures to make sure.  Needless to say, it only took a few minutes to charge the battery.

Sunday afternoon:  We began today’s journey at Karen’s office building with a list of 4-5 area destinations.   Several tenants have reported paranormal phenomena there.  I did not get a reading at the most haunted office, however.  So we focused on a storage room that always gives Karen the creeps.  It was on this hunch that we found the most activity.

Once, as I was getting a good reading in the closet, something fell behind us.  Nobody was in the building and I don’t believe we ever figured out what it was.  I noticed upon re-entering this closet a couple times that the readings changed location within the closet at varying strengths.

Then, Karen captured our most compelling visual evidence to date — a moving orb on video!  She happened to be taking video in a small storage area a few feet away when she exclaimed she may have spotted an orb.  Later in the day during a break she examined the video and got very excited!  We both determined that we had definitely captured the exact same phenomena that we see on ghosthunter shows; same size, same shape, same brightness, and same movement.  A very exciting development, indeed!  Video will be updated soon…

We did not find much at our other stops until we got back to The Peppermill.  We retraced my steps from Saturday and got very consistent results.  Again, there was no activity anywhere on the 11th except one room — 1129.  Same reading.  This time there were occupants in the room, so we didn’t linger long.  The 17th was once again very active down one particular corridor, but it seemed to be more concentrated near the foyer this time.

We’d both experienced some light-headedness getting off the elevator, but it seemed only my condition would get progressively worse.  Not so much nausea, this time, but more the “shakes” and profuse sweating.  Once again, I immediately felt better once we got back down to the lobby, but quite drained.

I’m eager to “set up shop” in our vacant haunted house.  Karen confirmed that the last tenant lasted two weeks before fleeing this property.  We’re going to have it all to ourselves, our first hang out and wait-and-see kind of ghost-hunt.  I don’t know if we can top this moving orb this early in our young para-investigator careers, but this place certainly sounds like a good place to try!

Monday Afternoon:  Of course, it seems the higher the expectations, the inevitable disappointment ensues.  Our haunted house turned out to be incredibly quiet, no activity whatsoever.  I have a few photos and a voice recorder yet to review, but I’m quite certain nothing will turn up.

We did follow another lead, though.  There’s a claim that an apparition was spotted on more than one occasion in front of an old medical plaza nearby.  I got several light readings across the street in an empty lot.  Inside the building itself, the sensor became hyperactive.  There are four floors in the building, much of it vacant.  It has a creaky old elevator to add to the ambiance.  Then we met the property manager…

Initially we attempted to make a quick exit as we met him on the stairwell.  Our business was pretty much done and this old boy (48 going on 70) inquired with raised-eyebrow if he could help us.  Karen quickly answered no and we were on our way.  He wasn’t unfriendly, but not entirely cordial either — he was suspicious and rather rough-looking in a conspiracy theorist sor of way.

However, when we explained we were paranormal investigators, he really opened up and took an interest after his initial confusion.  He explained we lives on site and used to be afraid of the ghosts here (until he made them aware he wasn’t going to be scared, anymore).  He said he was always afraid to tell anyone for fear they’d think he was crazy.  He also offered to let us in at night after-hours!   A nice lead.

Tuesday Morning:  We’re finding out our video is too large to be uploaded to this blog.  We’re going to try You-Tube.  Upon further inspection of the video, I found TWO orbs floating around.  I have to say, I’ve tried to play devil’s advocate in analyzing these things and have pretty much dismissed anything “logical.”  I really believe we have something here.  I’ll try my best to provide a link to it.


Next Story: Merry Christmas!  It’s Been Awhile…

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