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RiverCat Journal : Focus

Posted by on February 18, 2013

Current Venue:  Tempe, AZ (Phoenix Area)
Campground: Tempe Travel Trailer Villa

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The past few days I’ve been pretty focused.  I did my taxes, started my new business website, and did some research on another possible business venture:  Bar Poker Leagues. If the numbers are adequate, I could see myself setting up these leagues in various cities and hire managers to oversee them.

The concept is pretty simple:  The bar pays the facilitator a certain amount to host the free poker contests with prize giveaways.  This brings in 30-50 additional customers per night who, in theory, order lots of drinks and food.  There even appears to be “franchises” that provide professional-looking posters.

I’ve also determined that I’m getting back into my long-time special events business (corporate massage) — as it seems to me this meshes well with my new poker special events services.  Additionally it could be my “in” with the old trade show promoter that I used to do business with years ago.  I’d been studying my old trade show circuit and have decided to make it top priority getting back into those shows either on my own or working with someone.  After all, it’s a perfect RV’er circuit with most weekends 1 week and 200-300 miles apart.  It’ s also done in a short period of time, less than 2 months in both the spring and fall.  This means I could still deal poker* events in the summer and winter.

Lots of crazy ideas swirling around in this head of mine.  But this time things are beginning to feel “right.”  I’m determined never to become financially stranded on this Journey again…

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