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RiverCat Journal : My Eyeball Hurts

Posted by on December 11, 2012

Current Venue:  Tempe, AZ (Phoenix Area)
Campground: Tempe Travel Trailer Villa

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My eyeball hurts.

My teeth ache, as well.  And I’m sneezing a bit, coughing some.  My body is trying to get a cold.

I take great pride in never getting sick.  I used to have the best immune system ever.  These days I have to fight a bit.  I’m hitting it with my cold remedy:  Take better than 1 vitamin-C chewable per hour until I feel “feverish”, flush with lots of water, repeat next day.

I attribute this oncoming cold with the stress I’ve taken on last week…

While volunteering my services for practically free attempting to get the tour guide outfit up-and-running, I allowed my savings to dwindle to an unhealthy level.  In fact, I can’t even responsibly play poker at the moment, as a result.  This is getting “tricky.”  I’ll need to resolve this situation very soon.  My part-time job doesn’t pay the bills so, at the moment I’m waiting to hear from the tour bus owner if he’ll accept my proposal to assist him in developing his business in the upcoming weeks — as a paid consultant.  If that is not meant to be, it’ll be onto the next plan, several of which I’m entertaining.

While I was putting together this proposal, I’m afraid Kitten was busy sabotaging our friendship of 3 months.  I definitely rank this one in my top 2 weirdest breakups ever in that it came out of “nowhere” for very little reason.  We were having a terrific time and then she did an “about-face” on me during a seemingly-mild disagreement.  It will be strange not having her around…

But I don’t think either one of us really belong in a relationship at the moment.  She is going through an extremely stressful separation while I need to figure out how to make ends meet.  What happened to the “Ramblin” RiverCat?!  Isn’t this supposed to be The Ultimate Journey*?

There is now a distinct possibility I may be here in the Phoenix area for nearly a year.  This, after only traversing most of the state of California, spending a summer in Vegas, and then here.  I recall the sequence of events:

1.  My employers in Reno lay me off 2 months premature when they discover I was planning to leave.
2.  Plan to stay in Redding, CA only a couple days — stay 6 weeks making great money playing poker.
3.  Discovering I had to hurry down the coast to audition for my Vegas job, I have a disastrous journey, limping into Vegas with little savings.
4.  After passing my audition, I have to stretch my savings 6 weeks before my first paycheck.  I manage to recover over the summer.
5.  Arrive in Phoenix when it’s 113 degrees, decide I’d only be here 2-3 days.
6.  Fall in love with Phoenix, meet a girl, lose a chunk of savings each passing month.  How did this happen?

6a.  Having lived in the cesspool called Reno for four years, and not having lived in a quality metro area since Charlotte in 2001, I discovered all these great organizations here — volunteer, writers, photographers, hikers, etc, etc — and quickly realized this would be a terrific place to winter and feel a sense of “community” that I haven’t experienced in awhile — and grow as a person.  Some authors here encourage me to write a book…

6b.  My financial struggles begin right away because the casinos are too far apart — the worst venue for my style of playing poker*.

6c.  I meet Kitten, and like Phoenix even more.

6d.  I take part-time work as a poker dealer* 40 minutes away.  Still doesn’t pay the bills after gas costs.

6e.  Spend last few weeks on tour guide start-up, hoping we’d be up-and-running last month.  It may not be until January now.  I pretty much “volunteer” my time while my savings continued to dwindle.  Oops!  I don’t have enough to invest in playing poker* now!

And here I am. 

I certainly didn’t expect to land someplace for nearly a year on the first leg of The Journey, but that seems to be how things are shaping up.  I have to accept my fate at this point — I’ll be heading back to Vegas to work the World Series of Poker in May.  In all likelihood, I’ll store 48 Ugly* here, and pick it up when I return from Vegas in July.

After all, I’ll definitely need that nice little lump sum I can make there, I can’t stray any further away with Jeepers still in the picture, I don’t have enough savings to leave and — 15 major-league baseball teams will be converging on this city in just a couple months — RiverCat is going to be a very happy baseball fan!  Yep, my fate is sealed for the next few months.  (I might have been here indefinitely had it not been for my recent kick-in-the-pants).

Now, if I can just get settled in so I can leave…

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