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RiverCat Journal: Dusk at the KOA

Posted by on April 17, 2012

Current Venue:  Lodi, CA
Campground: Stockton KOA

Monday would be my last evening at the KOA.  The park will be filling up with military vehicle collectors and I have to move down the road as I wait on the part for my van.  I’m trading in the amenities and the weeping willows for a concrete slab.  At the same price — a depressing thought.

Despite wine country being a huge money pit for me (between this week and the week going back to Reno, it’s been pretty devastating), I wish I would have made more of an attempt to really take advantage of this campground.  I could have spent a lot more time riding my scooter around the park (I repaired it again with fix-a-flat) and enjoying more dusks at the marina, for instance.

I should be fair to myself — I have been extremely busy.  Sunday was half a day with Mark working on the moisture short-circuit situation.  (More on that another post).  Yesterday was half a day in Lodi getting the old leaf spring kit removed so I can hitch up the trailer and move 5 miles down the road today.  It’s truly been like that since I’ve arrived.  Maybe I did the best I could…

Here are some of the early arrivals for this week’s festivities.  I’d like to tell you what some of these vehicles are, but the one time I attempted conversation, this fellow tried to hard-sell me a few items.  Army vehicles.  To a guy in blue Nike shorts on a little red Chinese scooter.  After that, I just kept my mouth shut and snapped photos.


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3 Responses to RiverCat Journal: Dusk at the KOA

  1. MJ

    I believe the one on the top left is an older version of the “Deuce and a half” and the one on the top right is some sort of hard top humv. The rest are a bit before my time.

    • RiverCat

      Heyyyy…I expected a full report! You worked mostly on hummers, didn’t you?

      • MJ

        Well I did, however never had any hardtops like that. It ‘s definately a humv. Just don ‘t know what they call that type or what it was used for. Hummer is a civilianized humv btw. This is not a “hummer”.

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