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RiverCat Journal : The Big Short Cake

Posted by on June 7, 2013

Current Venue:  Las Vegas
Campground: Thousand Trails

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It’s supposed to be 108 degrees today, 111 tomorrow.  It’s 102 right now.

The Stratosphere is where I’ve been supplementing my income as a player, lately…

But on my day off I went to Circus Circus to play an afternoon tournament.  I also went there for this…

Four dollars.  Nope, not on my diet.  But I can’t buck tradition.  I have to get a Giant Shortcake at least once every trip to Vegas.  I suspect it helped me win the tournament!


3 Responses to RiverCat Journal : The Big Short Cake

  1. Sandie

    So that’s what we need to do the next time we go to Vegas. Think your good luck charm would help me?

  2. RiverCat

    Oh I can’t say I know anything about good luck! Never won on a slot machine, etc but with poker I can manage with only a little luck and get by with my skills as a player. It seems even a little luck ran out yesterday so I’ll be taking a few days off.

  3. Pleinguy

    Yummy! I just love strawberry shortcake. Hope you keep your head above water.

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