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RiverCat Journal : Anxious Journey

Posted by on September 17, 2013

Current Venue: Pueblo, CO
Campground:   Haggards RV Campground

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I shove off towards Kansas tomorrow.  If I was anxious about getting over the Rockies with Memphis Red*, I may be twice as anxious about getting through the next 500-plus miles with no mishaps  on only 1/3 of my remaining savings.  After that I’ll have to stretch the balance over about 4 weeks, when I get my first real paycheck at Amazon.  Not getting paid for my sales training really got me in a fine mess.

But, with each leg of the journey I’ll feel just a little more relief.  First stop is Lamar, Colorado.  Then Dodge City, KS.  After that, a nice resort near Wichita — Halstead, KS.  Each travel day is an average of 140 miles, I believe.  I should reach Altamont either Sunday or Monday.  And, despite my anxiety and feeling rather foolish that I allowed this to happen again — I’m also getting eager to see what’s around the next bend…

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