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RiverCat Journal : I Can’t Believe I’ve Been Here 8 Months…

Posted by on May 16, 2013

Current Venue:  Tempe, AZ (Phoenix Area)
Campground: Tempe Travel Trailer Villa

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With temperatures in the 100’s this week,  preparing 48 Ugly* for travel again has been taking place during dawn and dusk rather during the heat of the day.  I began the yesterday trying to seal a couple leaks on the roof.  It’s still a guessing game.  I’ve had these things narrowed down to specific patches for quite some time but I still can’t find them visually.  Will this be the time I finally get em’?

The rest of the morning I took inventory of all my cleaning products.  It turns out I had plenty and only needed to purchase some tire polish.

I then picked up my “lawn” shortly before a neighbor came by with a compressor to air up the tires.

In the evening I began scrubbing down the rig.  I realize it’s been over 15 months since I last did this, but I found myself a little discouraged with the grime that has collected around the caulking.  I want to apply a trim, or some sort of tape to cover up this unsightliness but I just don’t know that this product exists.  Anyway, it’s not like it was difficult to remove the grime with a little Goof-Off, but it was frustrating nonetheless.

Additionally, the “fender-paneling” that I had installed  a couple years ago is beginning to warp and stain — particularly around the hookups and fixtures.  Even despite most of these fixtures being less than 2 years old, I swear that whole back panel on the drivers side is getting too unsightly for my taste.  I’d really like to find a solution for this within the next year.  I do call her 48 Ugly, but it’s still not to my liking…

This morning I reorganized the van.  My primary objective was to find a way to handle the poker table.  Without a carrying case, I worry that it will eventually get scratched or torn if I don’t find some way to attach something to protect it.  Eventually, I found a way to attach a bedspread to it — a good temporary solution, at least.

Tonight I’ll apply some more elbow grease to 48 Ugly.

I’m now debating if I’ll get up to Fish Creek Canyon on Saturday.  If I go, I won’t have any opportunity to rest before taking off on Tuesday (I work Sunday and Monday night).  I guess I’ll determine how I feel tomorrow night…

5 Responses to RiverCat Journal : I Can’t Believe I’ve Been Here 8 Months…

  1. pat

    Try plasti-dip spray instead of tape. It goes on just like paint, but you can peel it off if you don’t like the looks. Google ‘painting your car with plasti-dip’ to learn more.

  2. Sandie

    Jim’s been trying to get our rig waxed early in the morning also. Real slow going and I’m not sure it’ll all get one before we head out. Can’t believe you’re going to get out of here before we do. See ya Saturday.

    • RiverCat

      Yep, my last dining out in Phoenix Sandie! And I’m glad I beat somebody out of here. I do like it a lot though and am going to talk to my boss about doing occasional seasonal work. Hope you had a great anniversary!

  3. Jim and Gayle

    Check out Eternabond tape. We just sealed our roof seams with it. Supposed to last forever.

  4. RiverCat

    Hey thanks guys I’ll check them out !

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