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RiverCat Journal : Stormy Vegas

Posted by on July 22, 2013

Current Venue:  Las Vegas
Campground: Thousand Trails
Visiting : Poker Palace

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During the aftermath of the 20-day Mt. Charleston wildfire, the rains came.  And boy, did they!  Here’s a video from the North Vegas casino I was playing a tournament at…

The power went out for a few moments.  But soon the tournament resumed, thank goodness, because I ended up winning a little!  Here’s the sign out front after the storm passed…

poker palace, sign

Over 33,000 people lost power and many homes and vehicles were damaged by fallen trees.  I’m amazed at how many major intersections still don’t have traffic signals two days later — with nobody to direct traffic!  Several streets are still closed with no real detour instructions — what would we do without GPS?!  All this seems to be nothing compared to the scenes I’m seeing in my “recent hometown” of Phoenix, Arizona!

But if you know me well enough, you know I’m loving the gloomy weather!  I haven’t been inconvenienced much aside from locating some of my outdoor belongings.  Jeepers’ large travel kennel was strewn about 50 feet away. (Wind gusts topped 70 miles per hour).  I’ve been enjoying some nice swims and some outdoor reading-time.

I’m also preparing my checklists and calendar as The Journey resumes this Friday!  I can’t believe how soon I’m leaving all-of-a-sudden!  I don’t think it’s quite hit me that I’ll be hanging out in Zion National Park in just a few days…


2 Responses to RiverCat Journal : Stormy Vegas

  1. Sandie

    So glad to hear from you. I wondered how you had weathered the storms. We were in Vegas last year when a storm hit. We were on our way to take one of the girls to the vet and let me tell you, we were sure glad we were in a pickup. But the winds weren’t near as bad as what you had.

  2. RiverCat

    I’ve been coming here for years and had never seen more than a sprinkle before this.

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