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RiverCat Journal : Demon Cat With a Credit Card

Posted by on March 23, 2014

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I finally shaved my back…

Demon Cat


Actually, I shaved Jeepers’ back.  He developed a bacterial infection that made my life miserable a couple days ago.  A few months ago when this had happened in Kansas, I applied a prescribed ointment that cured him pretty quick.  I used the same ointment upon discovering some very similar-looking sores.  That was at 9:30 pm.

By 7:00 am I was rushing him to the vet on an hour’s sleep.  He’d had a violent reaction to the medication that involved 9 hours of hissing, growling, screaming, cussing, and slamming into walls.  In his confusion and bewilderment, he full-on attacked me 3 times!  (He’s never, ever done that).  I had to lock him in the bathroom for my own safety.  Downright scary.  It was like Jeepers had turned into some sort of demon cat!

It was particularly heart-wrenching because I was the one who applied the ointment. The vet confirmed, however, that was the same medication they would have prescribed!  We went with some oral antibiotics instead.

And now Jeepers has a credit card! Yup, we applied for a kitty credit card and, by some miracle, got a $700 line-of-credit. It seems impossible being I’m unemployed and completely maxed out on my credit cards. Miracles do happen!

I’m happy to report Jeepers is recovering nicely so far, and doesn’t seem affected by his new hairdo.



2 Responses to RiverCat Journal : Demon Cat With a Credit Card

  1. Sandie

    How scary. So glad he is doing so much better. Tell him to keep that credit card in check.

  2. Pleinguy

    Wow! That is weird and frightening for both you and Jeepers. Hope he gets well soon. Didn’t you say a while back that you had a home for him with a friend? Take care.

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