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RiverCat Journal : “Gloomy” Day in Kansas

Posted by on September 30, 2013

Current Venue: Liberty, KS
Campground:   Big Chief Campground
Visiting : Dalton Gang Reenactment Coffeyville KS

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We had a bit of rain and fog this weekend…

Dalton Gang Reenactment Coffeyville KS, fog

I LOVE gloomy weather!  I get all full of energy.  And even though I’m supposed to be resting my foot for a few days, I had to venture to downtown Coffeyville for a bit and do a tiny bit of sightseeing — it was unavoidable.  Coffeyville’s claim to fame is the demise of the Dalton gang.  One day I’ll take time to do the museum…

Dalton Gang Reenactment Coffeyville KS, museum

On this day I opted for the free reenactment at the bank the infamous gang had tried to rob.  It wasn’t very realistic.  Either on account of the rain or perhaps the children present the actors did not use blanks or even cap guns.  Instead they verbalized the gunshots.  Bang Bang?  Nope.  They were shouting “Boom! Boom!”  Just say that a few times…

Go ahead.

Dalton Gang Reenactment Coffeyville KS, rehearsal

It sounds ridiculous.

I think the actors knew they had goofed as I sensed they were embarrassed by this during the production.

Dalton Gang Reenactment Coffeyville KS, bank

A few minutes later, when I was down the street a bit, I heard the explosion of “real” gun fire.  Good for them!

Dalton Gang Reenactmen Coffeyville KS, train

I was downtown on a bit of a research project, as well.  You see, I wanted a spot to watch the NFL games.  My days off are Sundays and Mondays but the RV Park only gets 5 channels — 3 religious channels, 1 Spanish religious channel, and a kid’s education channel — slim pickin’s.  And would you believe — every bar and grill in town is closed on Sundays!  Wow!

I managed ok listening to it on the radio but the forecast is this:  The Ramblin’ RiverCat will be 30 miles away at a casino in Bartlesville, Oklahoma on Sunday October 27th (celebrating my first real paycheck) playing in a poker tournament and watching football!  It will be a fine day.

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